19 Anime movies you should definitely watch!ย 

1- Nausicaa of the valley of the wind

2- Princess Mononoke ( This one is very violent.) 

3- Suzumiya haruhi no shoushitsu 

4- Kara no Kyouka 5: Mujun Rasen

5- Horarubi No Mori e

6- Mimo wa sumaseba 

7- Tamako love story

8- Satsujin no Kyoukai 2 Satsujin kosatsu ( Zen)

9- Little witch Academia 

10- Howl’s moving castle

11- The tale of Princess Kaguya

12- Whisper of the heart

13- The cat returns

14- Pom Poko 

15- Porco Rosso

16- The girl who leapt through time 

17- When Marnie was there

18- Colorful

19- A letter to Momo 

( Before watching any movie, It is advisable to check ratings, as it may not be appropriate for all audiences.)


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