Self-love and self-care


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Because how can we honestly expect others to show us love and care if we can’t even do that for ourselves?

Yes, exactly. This is why you need self-love and self-care in your life.

Every single Thursday of every single week, I am called, like clockwork, to the school counsellor’s office. That woman… Oh god. That applies to most counsellors though, I suppose. They want (and expect!) you to practically pour your heart out to them. (And oh, suppose you had something you didn’t want your parents to hear? Refrain from telling the counsellor). There’s experience behind those words. Just don’t.

Anyway, back to the topic. I may have gotten a little sidetracked.

My counsellor in particular seems to love talking about Self-love and self-care. Favourite topic, I suppose. So, what is it?


Self-care: Taking time out to care for yourself in whichever way works best for you, relaxing, and just allowing yourself some time out. Just like we spend time with others, we need to spend time on ourselves, and us solely. This is NOT being selfish. Even just to properly function, we need our time. This can be as simple as reading a book or going for a walk. 

Self-love: I’d like to think of this as giving back, and showing ourselves the same love and care that we’d show to others. Because we deserve it too! Some good ways to do this are to stop negative engaging in negative and unfulfilling behaviours, like drinking and drugs. Big no-no. 

People- pleasing. There’s another big one. It’s a simple fact that no matter how much we do for others, not everybody is going to be 100% satisfied. There’s no winning. Sometimes we just have to learn that it’s okay if we don’t have the approval of everybody. 

Last of all, have high standards and don’t lower them for anybody. Very simple, yet very, VERY important. Self respect is a must because it ensures that you settle for no less than you deserve. If you lower your expectations for others constantly, you are lowering your self-worth and giving out the message that it’s okay. Think of your standards as your armour in a battle. Without them, you WILL get hurt. Some things just aren’t worth investing in. Whether that be with time, money or energy.


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