Day 4-


I haven’t done much today, just stayed home, played computer games, and read books. I’m still getting used to England, I guess. I’m definitely continuing to find it very cold.. brr.

My little cousin, Rehan is currently at school. He has one more week to go until the winter holidays. Then, two and a half weeks off. ย He’s seven, and currently in year three. That’s something I don’t get.. everybody seems to be in too high a grade. I wonder why. To me, as funny as this sounds, it’s almost like a skipped year. That doesn’t make any sense, but that’s how I see it. My other cousin, Anaya is four. She’s quite full on but very funny, and quite cute at times!

Lunch will be ready soon.. I’m not sure what it is yet, but It’s always good. I can’t wait xD



Day 3- Part 2

Yes, I did a lot on Saturday.

Later on in the day, I went out with my cousins to a friends place. At first, it was pretty awkward.. I was just standing there, not knowing what to do. Then, my Aunty wanted me to come into the living room, so I did, and then I swear, everybody turned to face me and just stood there. Awkward much?

And then they were hugging me and going “You okay?” with this really awesome sounding English accent haha.

Okay, this sounds weird, but whatever.

After that I went upstairs. There were thankfully, some girls my age, so we hung out for a bit, which was fun. They were all really nice, and we had a good time talking about Australia (Did you know we have a pink lake? I sure didn’t!) and playing board games.

That was about it, I pretty much ended up falling asleep after that.


Day 3!

It’s currently the weekend, and so far, I’m having a good time.

It’s quite cold though still, and today it’s raining, making it even colder. *Shivers*

To my parents/friends: Sorry if you haven’t been able to contact me! The only SIM card I had was the one I got at home, and turns out it didn’t work here. That definitely confused me, because there was internet access!

Thankfully, that’s being sorted. I went and got a new SIM today, and now, hooray!- I can receive messages and texts. Just remember, if you don’t hear from me, it’s not- definitely not!- that I don’t care to communicate with you, but simply because overseas calls run through credit like there’s no tomorrow. But you know that, right?

Anyway, before that, I went to the Library. A really nice surprise, because I LOVE reading. The Library wasn’t too far from where I’m staying with family, maybe about five minutes tops. A small brown brick building, quite isolated in general. It was quite nice inside though, definitely warm.

I ended up borrowing a few books, maybe eight. Not a bad thing either. I have an awful lot of time on my hands, after all!




Day 2- Flight and arrival (9/12/16)

I woke up early this morning. Really early. About 1:00 am to be exact. Lost track of time last night, and ended up going to bed around 12:30 am. I ended up getting little bits of sleep, but then waking up because it was just too cold, too uncomfortable, you name it. When I wasn’t sleeping, I watched a few movies actually, which I enjoyed.

Earlier on, I read magazines, listened to music, and read my book. But then the lights were turned off and there wasn’t much to do.

My favourite movie was probably ‘lights out’. It’s about a woman who is being haunted by someone she refers to as her ‘friend’. I also watched Mean Girls, which was really good, as well as some others that I started, but didn’t finish.

Breakfast was nice. They had hot and cold meal options. I asked for fruit, along with some Berry yoghurt.

Later on, we stopped in Dubai for a refuel. I was taken to a lounge where I sat for a while (and typed this post).


The flight to England took around fourteen hours more. I did the usual, read some magazines, watched a couple of movies too, but eventually it got pretty boring. Luckily for me, we were very close to landing!

About an hour later, the flight was over and I was taken to go through checks,but unfortunately held back for a while. (Oh my, did her parents not provide a letter confirming she is allowed to travel overseas alone?!)

Uh yes?

Anyway, soon I was allowed to collect my luggage, and met up with family. I was given a bunch of roses, which was sweet (:

First thoughts once I got outside?

‘And you guys call this warm? What’s cold?!’



Day one- Flight

Hmm.. so it’s been around fifteen or so minutes since I boarded the plane. Travelling, I can already see, is quite full on. I was taken by a stewardess, along with another lady, to get bags checked, go through security, and find our allocated seats on the plane.

And me? Well, I just had to be the lucky one who had to go through a spot check. Because I could be carrying something with traces of explosives, and we just couldn’t have that could we? Like, come on. Sure, I’m really going to bring something dangerous on a plane.


One day to go!



For those of you who don’t know already, I will be going to England tomorrow. Or to be more accurate, on Friday. The flight will take around 25 hours. *Sigh*

I’ve announced this in one of my other posts, but not so formally, so don’t be surprised if you don’t have the faintest clue what I’m on about. You’ll see soon.

I’ve decided that It’d be a nice idea to write about my journey, so I bought a travel journal. But don’t worry!- Any entry that goes into the book, goes on my blog too. I’ll be writing entries daily, so make sure you check back often and have a read.

I’ll basically be dedicating these entries to my family, especially my Mum, Dad and brother Haider, because I know they’ll miss me heaps, and this is a good way for them to keep tabs on what I’m doing.

Haha, anyway, I better get some sleep. It’s quite late right now (We’ve reached midnight) and I do have a flight to catch tomorrow.

Love you all heaps x

And oh, happy reading!