Day 2- Flight and arrival (9/12/16)

I woke up early this morning. Really early. About 1:00 am to be exact. Lost track of time last night, and ended up going to bed around 12:30 am. I ended up getting little bits of sleep, but then waking up because it was just too cold, too uncomfortable, you name it. When I wasn’t sleeping, I watched a few movies actually, which I enjoyed.

Earlier on, I read magazines, listened to music, and read my book. But then the lights were turned off and there wasn’t much to do.

My favourite movie was probably ‘lights out’. It’s about a woman who is being haunted by someone she refers to as her ‘friend’. I also watched Mean Girls, which was really good, as well as some others that I started, but didn’t finish.

Breakfast was nice. They had hot and cold meal options. I asked for fruit, along with some Berry yoghurt.

Later on, we stopped in Dubai for a refuel. I was taken to a lounge where I sat for a while (and typed this post).


The flight to England took around fourteen hours more. I did the usual, read some magazines, watched a couple of movies too, but eventually it got pretty boring. Luckily for me, we were very close to landing!

About an hour later, the flight was over and I was taken to go through checks,but unfortunately held back for a while. (Oh my, did her parents not provide a letter confirming she is allowed to travel overseas alone?!)

Uh yes?

Anyway, soon I was allowed to collect my luggage, and met up with family. I was given a bunch of roses, which was sweet (:

First thoughts once I got outside?

‘And you guys call this warm? What’s cold?!’



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