Day 3- Part 2

Yes, I did a lot on Saturday.

Later on in the day, I went out with my cousins to a friends place. At first, it was pretty awkward.. I was just standing there, not knowing what to do. Then, my Aunty wanted me to come into the living room, so I did, and then I swear, everybody turned to face me and just stood there. Awkward much?

And then they were hugging me and going “You okay?” with this really awesome sounding English accent haha.

Okay, this sounds weird, but whatever.

After that I went upstairs. There were thankfully, some girls my age, so we hung out for a bit, which was fun. They were all really nice, and we had a good time talking about Australia (Did you know we have a pink lake? I sure didn’t!) and playing board games.

That was about it, I pretty much ended up falling asleep after that.


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