Story time: My biggest success!


I’ve been quite busy lately, so I apologise for not posting as much. Now that’s out of the way, I’ll move on: My biggest success…

I’m sure I’ve had loads of good things happen, but this one is really distinct. Two years ago, around March, I was in Year six. We had just been told that there’d be an opportunity for us to be a part of the schools’ Student representative council (SRC). We would have to prepare a speech and present it to the Principal and Vice-principal. Our teachers and the rest of Year six would watch. Now this was something I really wanted to do. But having to get up, in front of the staff and students and read out a speech that probably wouldn’t be very good anyway? No thanks!

My friends, though, supportive as usual, convinced me to give it a go. I was good at writing speeches and I was bound to get through. I’m glad they did. You see, at the time, I was convinced the vice principal had it in for me. Ever since an incident between me and three older girls that had happened the year before (I was the innocent one!), she was really nasty towards me.

So, I wrote my speech. I probably still have a copy of it lying around, come to think of it. The next week, I presented it. There were three different positions to try out for. Captains, Vice captains, and prefects. It ended up being like a competition really, with the people getting through the first round having to present another speech to their class! I passed the first round, and then, a week later, went on to present another speech to my class stating why I should be allowed a spot in the SRC. The teachers would then decide on who would get into the ‘third-round’. It was so nerve-wracking, but I was really happy when I found out that I’d get to keep going.

Finally, we had to present the same speech we had written for the second round to the principal and deputy. That went okay. I didn’t make any mistakes, it was just a bit awkward. As expected, the principal and deputy had their favourites. People bound to win every time. And they did again. The girl who became Captain had three sisters. All of them had been Captains, more than once too.

Still, I managed to become a Prefect. It was very cool. Kids would come up to me and just ask for advice. Sometimes, I was like the peacemaker in the playground. I definitely got a lot of respect, and I had great friends.

Last year, I found out that one of my old best friends had gotten into the SRC. I was so happy for her because she had tried out with me, but didn’t get in. She deserved it too. She was a fantastic friend, and a really good leader.

And that’s it (‘:

Here’s a question for you all: Was there ever a time where you feel really important, like everybody looked up to you? If so, when? Comment down below. I always love hearing from you all!


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New Years Resolutions-


1- Make the most out of my trip to England, and while I’m here, take more pictures.

2-Find a hobby, and stick with it.

3-Learn how to cook some healthy meals.

4-Do some form of yoga/meditation every day for at least ten minutes.

5-Spend more time doing the things I love, with people who make me happy.

6-Join a dance class.

7- Stop rushing into commitments, and think about the consequences of decisions.

8-Live in the moment, stop thinking about the past and hold high hopes for the future.

9-Rid myself of all things negative. Bad vibes, people, things.

10-Spend more time outside.

11-Read more. There is so much time and so many good books.

12-Be assertive, stand my ground and fight for a good cause.

13-Be happy.

14- Love the right people, and let myself be loved by them too.

15- Be able to better identify toxic people in my life, and instead surround myself with good influences.

16- Stop being so quick to trust, and be careful what I share with people.

17- Lose weight, and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

18-Post more on this blog. Be funny, real, honest, and write about things others can relate to.

19-Write and direct my own short film.

20- Change the layout of my room, and redecorate it.


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Happy New Year!


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Hey guys (:

As some of you may know, I’m still on holiday and am finding it difficult to make time to write daily diary entries, but I’ve deciding to post most days. Not necessarily any entries, maybe thoughts, lists, just what comes to mind.

Also, before I say anything else, Happy New Year!

I’m sure we can all agree on this- 2016 was a busy year. Especially for me, having just started High school, it all got a bit full on and stressful at times, but hey, I got through it. There may have been bad moments, particularly at the start and end of this year, but there was so much good. I’ve made so many memories that I’ll always treasure.

This year, I was lucky enough to meet somebody who changed me life, in a way. I never knew it was possible to smile so much, laugh so much, just be so much. this person is my other half, and every single day, I think about how grateful I am to mean something to them, and how special it is that I can call them mine.

I like to be positive, so I’ll say this: For each and every one of us, 2017 is going to be a year of prosperity, happiness, love, and joy. We are going to live, not just exist. We are going to live in the moment, and appreciate the little things. We are so lucky. Our world is a wondrous and beautiful place, and we are a part of it.


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