Happy New Year!


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Hey guys (:

As some of you may know, I’m still on holiday and am finding it difficult to make time to write daily diary entries, but I’ve deciding to post most days. Not necessarily any entries, maybe thoughts, lists, just what comes to mind.

Also, before I say anything else, Happy New Year!

I’m sure we can all agree on this- 2016 was a busy year. Especially for me, having just started High school, it all got a bit full on and stressful at times, but hey, I got through it. There may have been bad moments, particularly at the start and end of this year, but there was so much good. I’ve made so many memories that I’ll always treasure.

This year, I was lucky enough to meet somebody who changed me life, in a way. I never knew it was possible to smile so much, laugh so much, just be so much. this person is my other half, and every single day, I think about how grateful I am to mean something to them, and how special it is that I can call them mine.

I like to be positive, so I’ll say this: For each and every one of us, 2017 is going to be a year of prosperity, happiness, love, and joy. We are going to live, not just exist. We are going to live in the moment, and appreciate the little things. We are so lucky. Our world is a wondrous and beautiful place, and we are a part of it.


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