New Years Resolutions-

1- Make the most out of my trip to England, and while I’m here, take more pictures.

2-Find a hobby, and stick with it.

3-Learn how to cook some healthy meals.

4-Do some form of yoga/meditation every day for at least ten minutes.

5-Spend more time doing the things I love, with people who make me happy.

6-Join a dance class.

7- Stop rushing into commitments, and think about the consequences of decisions.

8-Live in the moment, stop thinking about the past and hold high hopes for the future.

9-Rid myself of all things negative. Bad vibes, people, things.

10-Spend more time outside.

11-Read more. There is so much time and so many good books.

12-Be assertive, stand my ground and fight for a good cause.

13-Be happy.

14- Love the right people, and let myself be loved by them too.

15- Be able to better identify toxic people in my life, and instead surround myself with good influences.

16- Stop being so quick to trust, and be careful what I share with people.

17- Lose weight, and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

18-Post more on this blog. Be funny, real, honest, and write about things others can relate to.

19-Write and direct my own short film.

20- Change the layout of my room, and redecorate it.

And that’s it for now!



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