Maryam’s Reverse Bucket List:


We all know the feeling. Watching somebody else achieve something amazing, even if they’re close to us, can sometimes make us feel inadequate and like we aren’t capable of achieving something alike, but the truth is we’re more than capable. Put your mind to it, and the sky’s the limit. Think it, dream it, DO IT.



So, without further ado, here’s my reverse bucket list. Here are 50 amazing things I’ve achieved in my 13 short years.


1-3) I’ve been to Thailand, Pakistan and Dubai.

4- I went on a month long trip to England by myself. (You can read more about my trip in blog posts below. Happy scrolling!)

5- I discovered myself.

6- I met, got to know and spent time with family I didn’t know I had.

7- I made lots of new friends overseas who I continue to say in touch with through social media.

8- I saved a life.

9- I loved somebody.

10- I put somebody else before myself.

11- I learned to love every part of my perfectly imperfect self.

12- I was honest with somebody.

13- I became a part of my schools’ leadership team.

14- I entered and came close to winning a writing competition.

15- Volunteered to visit an aged care home every Tuesday for a year.

16- Learned to treat my body with only the utmost respect and care.

17- Inspired somebody else to make a positive change in their life.

18- Learnt another language.

19- Started to (and am continuing to!) learn Indonesian.

20- Made hard decisions for myself and others.

21- Survived my first year of High school.

22- Learnt to rock climb.

23- Saved up $900 dollars.

24- Gave a Christmas gift to an underprivileged child.

25- Rode on a rickshaw when I was two.

26- Been to the Pakistani/Indian border.

27- Welcomed and learned to love a new sibling.

28- Took Swimming lessons for seven years.

29- Took Tae Kwon Do lessons for three/four years.

30- Tried out gymnastics for a year and a half.

31- Adopted a positive outlook on life.

32- Created this blog.

33- Made friends for life. To those two people I’ve known for 9 or so years, you guys mean the goddamn world to me. Just.. thank you.

34- Stayed up till 6 am and watched the sun rise.

35- Seen and touched snow while overseas in England.

36- Learnt how to live a healthier, more fulfilling life.

37- Been skywalking.

38- Said a unique first word. (‘Bye’ to my Dad when he was leaving for overseas. I was eight months old.)

39- Ridden a camel twice.

40- Given others helpful advice.

41- Achieved brilliant marks in various subjects.

42- Learnt to Ice skate.

43- Made a fantastic project in year six detailing the life of my great- grandmother who lived through World War One.

44- Discovered new relations in my family.

45- Helped an elderly person shop.

46- Learnt to make the most of each and every moment.

47- Visited a museum in England.

48- Travelled on a plane by myself for a total of 52 hours.

49- Learnt that nobody has everything. Take Alexis Ren, somebody who I frankly think is just about perfect. Looks, job, you name it. But then I realised that she lost her mother due to cancer on Mother’s day.

50- Learnt to live.


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5 thoughts on “Maryam’s Reverse Bucket List:”

    1. Not really, but thanks! One of my old friends was suicidal, and it was a big weight to carry, knowing that someone I cared about was hurting so badly that they’d lost all hope.. I had to do a lot of talking during that time, and I don’t know if they were wasted words but at least they came out. She has her moments now and again, and were not that close anymore but she’s doing a lot better x

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