Story Time: My Biggest Success #2

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For today’s post I’ll be doing an updated version of my biggest success.

This week, my grade, Year 8, went on a school camp to the Snowy mountains. On Thursday, we planned to go and climb Mt Koscuisko. For those of you who who don’t know (yet), this is Australia’s highest point. And at 2,228 metres, rightfully so. Or maybe not so much. Compared to the mountains of other countries, Mt Koscuisko is hardly impressive. Take Mt Everest, for example. Standing at 8,848 metres, it’s no wonder it holds the record of world’s highest mountain. Scary!

On Thursday, everybody had to wake up at 6 am. To get to the area where we’d start our climb, we had to take a chairlift up. The bus trip from our accommodation to the venue took around an hour and a half. We got there about 8 am. I had stayed up late the evening before so I was really glad I wasn’t tired!

The chairlift was the kind that swung around and you sort of just fell into the seat. I hate those types because I just feel like I’m going to hurt myself. The chairlift could hold a maximum of four people so I went on with three friends. We thought it was pretty scary going up. Especially when it started to go higher and higher! But that was nothing compared to going down. My friends decided to scream to make themselves less scared- not sure how that works. Pretty twisted logic if you ask me!

When we got off the chairlift, I for some reason, thought we had already gotten to the summit of the mountain. Really, we hadn’t even begun yet. The walk up was pretty hard in general and didn’t really get easier even as we kept walking. The first kilometre was the hardest, I found. I’m definitely not used to walking so much!

At the beginning, I kept up and reached the first stop point with the fastest group of people. After we had rested for a bit we kept on walking. The lower areas of the mountain didn’t have as much to see as when we got higher up but it was still beautiful. At one of the lowest points of the walk, we came to a valley type area. You could see lots- it was all very green at this point though.

The path that we were walking on had lots of ups and downs. There were many stairs too. At one point, I fell down and had to rest for ten minutes. I took some pictures of mountain flowers and the view though, so it was time well spent.

During the last 2ks before reaching the summit, I didn’t really want to continue the walk, but, I did, and I’m glad. It would’ve been a pity to come so far only to give up, so I pushed on. At this point, we were very high up. It was quite windy and I was pretty much being blown away. The view was definitely worth it though, and when I finally got to the top, I felt really proud. I was literally at the top of the world. I was the highest thing in Australia!

The whole walk took a very long seven hours, and was a total of 13 km’s long. Needless to say, I was very tired after that!



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