My new Journal! 💁💫


Lately, I’ve been really interested in journaling and just the whole idea of doing something creative and fun.

To get started, I found a lovely journal that I had gotten from friends while I was overseas in England earlier this year. It’s a dark pink and has a floral bird print on the cover and back with some sequinned and pearl areas. Don’t you just love cute things?!

For supplies, my dad took me to Kmart where I bought some patterned paper, letter stickers and leaf embellishments. When I looked at home later on, I found that I also had stuff left over from a scrapbook I made a couple of years ago.



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Welcome to society.


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Ridicule me, ridicule me not,

Ridicule me, ridicule me not.

Welcome to society,

Where what you see isn’t what you get,

Come along for the ride of your life,

You may just find yourself in a strife,

Watch them judge you as you walk by,

Your non-existent confidence waning,

You watch their mouths turn into rigid lines,

And then they speak,

loud voices,

loud voices that seem so out of touch with their owners,

Perfect people with rose tinted glasses on,

They choose what they see,

but do they really?

An oppressed society they are,

hiding the depressed behind locked doors,

passing laws that forbid; society’s pride is of utmost importance,

You can never be too skinny, but you can always be too fat

You can always look perfect, but you can never look perfect.

So society is a lie, you see,

Hand fed you are, hungrily devouring societies’ appealing fibs.

You never knew any better, a young innocent mind,

Sculpted so carefully into what you are today,

What you see isn’t always what you get.


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Beauty and the Beast: Movie Review ✨


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Happy Easter everybody! I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend. Maybe you spent some time with family, or ate your way through the endless supply of chocolate in your cupboard.. (Totally the latter, right?) 😀

Anyway, today I’ll be doing a movie review on Disney’s newest release, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ which was available for viewing in cinemas from the 23rd of March this year.

Two words: Worth it. Yes, worth it. At the time, the film had more than topped the US box office with a total revenue of over a billion! I had heard from friends and family that it was a good view, but didn’t think too much of it as fairytales aren’t usually what I go for. I’m definitely more into the whole crime/thriller genre when it comes to what I like to read and watch, but I do enjoy the odd magical movie (Read: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them) so I figured I’d see something different this time around.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t a big fan of the animated version of Beauty and the Beast, but this was just right. The storyline didn’t really undergo any radical changes but was told with a real freshness and charm. You know, good vibes all around! In my opinion, having two versions of the movie is definitely better than just having one, so there’s something for everyone here. It was definitely a magical movie, captivating without being tedious (as some long movies can get..)

In my opinion, having two versions of the movie is definitely better than just having one, so there’s something for everyone here. It was definitely a magical movie, captivating without being tedious (as some long movies can get..)

There’s no question in saying that this was surely one of Disney’s best films, unlike the rest. ‘Oh, prince charming, save me.’

‘Oh, prince charming, save me.’

How many times have we heard that line or something similar? And this is why I love this movie. There are no princes rushing to save damsels in distress. Why? Because over time, along with the recognition of women’s rights have come many more changes. We as a society are less sexist and have learned to ignore gender stereotypes. The world is moving forward, so we’ve no choice but to do the same. The whole storyline is so empowering and gives a really good message: You can be a girl and not need saving.

The protagonist, Belle, is one princess we should all aspire to be like. Assertive, brave, with high standards and dreams of our own.

Because, well, wake up world. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know this is 2017 and things work differently.

Welcome Equality. You are no better or worse than anybody else.


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Revolution: 31 days of Yoga (Days 5-10)


What better way to start Wednesday morning than with another post?

Let’s dive right into it: If you haven’t read my previous two posts, I have started a challenge called ‘Revolution: 31 days of Yoga’. The challenge is in the form of videos, posted on Youtube (You can find the link in my last post, but I’ll also add it down below). Upon first starting this challenge, I’ll admit that I was skeptical! While

Upon first starting this challenge, I’ll admit that I didn’t honestly think I’d continue it. Once-off. That’s just me sometimes, heck, I’ll start something, but finish it too? Eh. The videos each go for around 30 minutes and include warmups. There are specific days for each focus (Relaxing, Core, Abs, Flow, Empower) and so on. My favourite type of practice would definitely be the more relaxed styles, however, I enjoy the more active types too as they get me moving and ready for the day. On that note, I used to do my Yoga practice at night during the school term, but now make time for it in the morning as I feel that It’s a good wake-up. Anywhere from 7-9 am is my recommended time frame.

Over the last five days, there have been two more relaxed days and three active days (ahem, abs day!). They were spaced out well so after a hard practice you could wind down, which I thought good. As I said earlier, I think that I’ll continue Yoga for the foreseeable future. Relaxing, and with many health benefits, Yoga is definitely for me. Also, I wanted to mention that I have much greater clarity and a clear mind. I am able to work more efficiently, make better decisions. Starting Yoga has been really good for my creative side. I find writing to be easier; my words flow onto the page with such ease.


Again: Have a go, if you haven’t already. If you don’t try something, you’ll never know right? 🌺


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Revolution: 31 Days of Yoga (And why I recommend this!)


First off, good job on getting through another week. It can be easy to lose sight of the importance of recognising our successes, great or small.

Today I’ll be talking about a Yoga challenge I’ve embarked on, and why I recommend you try it out. So, as I stated in my previous post, I’ve been doing some daily yoga, mostly before bed as I’ve got school on earlier and I like to chill for a bit before getting serious haha. I tend to procrastinate a hell of a lot if I’m not doing something structured so I started with YouTube and was able to find some great videos by channel Yoga With Adriene. Most videos go for about a half hour, which I find I can work into my routine pretty seamlessly, but some of us are time poor, that I realise! Even if you split the workout to stretch over the day, or only do half even. As long as you find something that works for you, you should be just fine.

I am enjoying the challenge so far, and plan to continue on for the next twenty-seven days as I’ll be onto day five as of tomorrow. The videos are easy to follow and offer variety from day to day.  This is important not only because too much repetition can become monotonous, but also due to the full body workout you’ll be benefiting from. The presenter, Adriene, is engaging and teaches well. I’ve found that while I’ve only been doing this challenge for a short while, I am able to do Yoga with increased ease. I’ve definitely been feeling more flexible too, and can pretty much touch my toes, which is something I couldn’t do before. I am also feeling a great deal calmer and happier. I have a greater sense of awareness of my thoughts, actions, feelings and the world around me. I can think clearer and my creative juices are flowing.

What can I say, Yoga is great for just about everything!


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Yoga for Mindfulness and Health:


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I hope you’ve all had a great weekend and are looking forward to what this week holds in store for you as much as I am!

This week, I’ll be talking about the various benefits of Yoga for both the physical and spiritual being.

Over the last couple of days, I’ve started taking forty minutes out of my daily tasks to do some Yoga. While it may seem like a lot of work, Yoga is quite relaxing despite being a good workout. There are many different types of Yoga and depending on your personal preferences and fitness level, (like I said, good workout!) not all types will suit one person. For those who prefer a more intense training session whilst still reaping the benefits of Yoga, Bikram may be the way to go. Bikram Yoga involves doing two repetitions of twenty classic Yoga poses in a sauna-like room of up to 105 degrees. Another type is Vinyasa, also known as flow. This is a more active type of Yoga and is slightly varied by each individual. Other types include Yin and Restorative Yoga, both designed to be relaxing and cleansing for the mind, body and spirit. Yoga is not a rigid art. It is personal and adaptable. The best thing about Yoga is that anybody can do it, young or old.

Studies have shown that Yogis experience various health benefits such as:

Increased flexibility: Might not sound like much, but It’s great to be flexible! You’ll have a lower risk of injury like sprains, and probably won’t experience as many aches and pains. On top of that, you get to try out all sorts of cool poses.. Win-win!

Perfects bad posture: Let’s not deny it! Many of us have bad posture, myself included. However, I’m trying to fix that. I’ve found Yoga to be really helpful in terms of correcting bad posture. When you stand up tall, you grow about an inch. On top of that, you don’t have to worry about back pain when you’re old.

Peace of mind: Yoga is notorious for lowering stress, anxiety, frustration and improving general state of mind.

Improved balance: Regularly practicing Yogis will often find they have better balance as compared to those who do not, in tern lessening the risk of falls on and off the mat.


If you’d like to do some Yoga of your own, check out this link:


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