Revolution: 31 days of Yoga (Days 5-10)

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What better way to start Wednesday morning than with another post?

Let’s dive right into it: If you haven’t read my previous two posts, I have started a challenge called ‘Revolution: 31 days of Yoga’. The challenge is in the form of videos, posted on Youtube (You can find the link in my last post, but I’ll also add it down below). Upon first starting this challenge, I’ll admit that I was skeptical! While

Upon first starting this challenge, I’ll admit that I didn’t honestly think I’d continue it. Once-off. That’s just me sometimes, heck, I’ll start something, but finish it too? Eh. The videos each go for around 30 minutes and include warmups. There are specific days for each focus (Relaxing, Core, Abs, Flow, Empower) and so on. My favourite type of practice would definitely be the more relaxed styles, however, I enjoy the more active types too as they get me moving and ready for the day. On that note, I used to do my Yoga practice at night during the school term, but now make time for it in the morning as I feel that It’s a good wake-up. Anywhere from 7-9 am is my recommended time frame.

Over the last five days, there have been two more relaxed days and three active days (ahem, abs day!). They were spaced out well so after a hard practice you could wind down, which I thought good. As I said earlier, I think that I’ll continue Yoga for the foreseeable future. Relaxing, and with many health benefits, Yoga is definitely for me. Also, I wanted to mention that I have much greater clarity and a clear mind. I am able to work more efficiently, make better decisions. Starting Yoga has been really good for my creative side. I find writing to be easier; my words flow onto the page with such ease.

Again: Have a go, if you haven’t already. If you don’t try something, you’ll never know right?ย ๐ŸŒบ



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