50 facts about me: (Ahem, new and improved!) 👽 🌈

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1- I am completely and utterly infatuated with everything Tumblr related.

2- Seriously, though! My room, my phone case, my social media, my clothes, and my blog. Yee-aah. Good vibes all around ;D

3- I have nicknames for just about all of my family. Most of them are based on hilarious things they’ve said or done.

4- I am lucky enough to be really close to my mum, and we share a lot with each other.. our inside jokes are plenty weird, but it’s definitely the best because nobody else has a clue what’s going on while we’re struggling to control our laughter. Good times!

5- I pretty much have a mental list of foods I won’t go near- no. matter. what.- and it stands as follows: Onions, sardines, Quiche, Eggs (bit of a love/hate relationship here), marshmallows, creme caramel and lychee.

6- When I was little, I never liked drinking milk. Even now, I only like to drink it with those flavoured Sipahh straws you can find. Honestly, no beating it.

7- I think emojis are just awesome. Ahh, so much love! 😂

8- I am terrified of heights. For Year Six graduation, my old school took us to TreeTops adventure Park, which was basically all of my fears put together. I gave up on the course pretty early due to the fact that it was highly likely I’d die of a heart attack.

9- I’m often described as really quirky and outgoing by my family and strangers too.

10- At school, everybody thinks I’m shy. It’s crazy, because I am anything but.

11- For a while now, my dream job has been an industrial designer. I think it’s amazing how little details and different design elements can make a space so personal and alive.

12- I often get told that I’m very mature, both in admiration and in a ‘stop-acting-like-a-grown-up’ and ‘stop-sounding-so-old-school-and-retarded’ kind of way, but you know, I’m not going to change to fit others expectations of me.

13- I would definitely regard myself as opinionated. I’ve got a lot to say, and to be heard- what’s better than that?

14- I am a big dreamer. I have so many plans for myself!

15- I love reading, writing,  journaling and blogging. Those are my top four creative outlets. Once I get started, I’m absorbed and don’t like being disturbed. The finishing product, whether it’s a poem, a short story- it never fails to amaze me.

16- Up until recently, I never felt I was good at poetry, so I never gave it a go. I found though, that if I could come up with a few good lines, everything else flowed. Ever since, I’ve written a few poems on society and travel, some of which you can find here on my blog.

17- Reading is something I can never get enough of. For me, nothing is better than being able to sit down and relax with a good book and a blanket. Pure bliss!

18- I used to be terrified of things like blood tests and getting my ears pierced.

19- I am so different to everybody on both sides of my family.

20- Nobody is blessed with the tall gene. Everybody on my mum’s side is around 5’1 while my dad’s side is around 5’3. The ‘tall person’ in my family is my grandpa, who is 5’6.

21- I got the tall gene (; Apparently, I was meant to be around 4’5 but here I am at 5’4. I am taller than both my parents.

22- I love singing. However, I cannot sing well when I actually listen to myself.

23- I’d call myself somewhat a perfectionist.

24- Whoops, something I forgot to add to my list of stuff I won’t go near: Coconut water.

25- You’d have to pay me to go on a rollercoaster. Pay me a lot, and even then, I’ll probably just run away with your money.

26- I like lots of different types of music, although most of what I like can be deemed ‘sad’ by my mum.

27- I love Paramore, The Chainsmokers, Amy Shark, and Daughter. That, for me, is music.

28- I love Anime films.

29- I once posted a picture I had taken of a pug dog on my social media. I think I may have a small obsession with them. Beats me, they’re cute.

30- If I ever get a Pug, I’ll name him Pablo.

31- I like bright and colourful things. #YASSSS

32- My favourite stores are Typo, Cotton On, Dotti, and Factorie.

33- I eat meals at weird times. Like Breakfast.. at lunch. And lunch, when it’s pretty much dinner.

34- I used to hate Cheesecake, but now I can’t get enough. 🍰

35- I have naturally dark brown hair, but I’ve always wanted blonde. Recently  though, I got a light brown/ golden balayage which is just goals.

36- I don’t like exercise but once I get into it, I’m okay.

37- When I clean my room, I like to listen to music. I feel so much more motivated!

38- When I get up in the morning, the first thing I do is make my bed, huge mountain of pillows and all.

39- I like fancy things. Cute notebooks, stationery and pretty keyrings.

40- I generally get very good grades.

41- I love meeting new people, and I’m quite sociable.

42- I like Cactuses, Unicorns and Aliens. Back to Tumblr again!

43- I love travelling: I’ve been to Pakistan, England and Dubai.

44- I like Vintage themed clothes brands like Princess Highway.

45- I like Disney movies, but I tend to go for horror a lot of the time.

46- Recently, I’ve been thinking about what kind of car I want when I’m older. Something really modern and big statement, but with vintage touches.

47- My biggest fears are being kidnapped, hurt, killed, or in a situation that is completely doomed.

48- I am not a selfie person however, if I end up taking a good one, It’ll go on my social media. No questions asked!

49- I love books and movies that make me really connect and elicit emotion from me.

50- I enjoy looking at inspirational quotes in my free time.



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