Photoshopped flawless- Because that’s totally last season! 




“The media can be a beautiful or tragic thing. Let’s celebrate body positivity; let’s be comfortable in our own skin. Let’s forget six packs and thighs gaps. We are ourselves and that’s not going to change no matter how hard we try to fit ourselves into the box society confines us to.”


Anyone into magazines here?

With all the flashy covers and the must-read articles, the free giveaways and- okay, okay..!

The pages full of models who are clearly *slaying it* 💁👑

It’s well, hard not to be.

I’m guilty. I could stare at those glossy pages for hours, imagining myself as one of those models. They seem to have it all: The looks, the body, you name it.

The bottom line, eye candy, oh yes! But here’s the big question: What is the media doing regarding body positivity? This is 2017, and we are ready to see change.

It’s an honest known fact: Perfection, as is ‘attained’ by countless celebrities in magazines, movies and the like is, to put it bluntly, a big fat photoshopped lie.

And it’s so funny you know- There are so-called ‘standards’ for everything. People are expected to live up to those, or better still, exceed the expectations. A body to die for, swoon-worthy looks. All of that is great, but where do we, the general public, stand?

Let me define perfect for you:

Perfect; ‘Having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be’. 

Synonyms: Ideal, model, without fault, flawless etc.

And there we are again, back to those words: Model=Flawless, right? That’s the magic combination. Put two together and boom, you’ve got perfection. 

And here’s something even funnier: We strive for something made up, something non-existent. We are not stupid; we know we cannot find ‘perfection’ so we create it. (Hello photoshop!)

We trick ourselves, and we try to trick the world. You’ve got the problem and we’ve got the *solution. 

Why are we living a lie? We are human, and say what you will, but we do not appreciate perfection. Why? Because it is unattainable, unrealistic and sets a standard that cannot be reached. Perfection is scary. We do not like immaculate airbrushed pictures. There needs to be a balance.

What’s beautiful is being body positive.

We should not be made to feel ashamed of being ourselves. And that’s why this made my day.


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