10 things I couldn’t live without!Β 

1. My Mum πŸ‘©β€β€οΈβ€πŸ‘© 

She is my biggest supporter and undoubtedly, my best friend. She stuck with me through hard times and showed me what love is.. Putting somebody else before yourself. I love you Mum πŸ’ž

2. The ability to move, speak and talk 

Just the basics really. These are three really big factors for me as it would just feel so debilitating to be unable to express myself in these ways. It truly is a blessing! 

3. The ability to see colour 🌈

Hey Melisa.. 

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve stolen *borrowed* your line. But come on, a world without colour? No, thanks. 

Heck, I can’t even stand black and white television. 

4. My Gang #Friends4Eva πŸ‘‘

It’s funny.. When I was younger, I preferred being alone to hanging out with friends. Well, not alone exactly, just hanging out in the library reading. 

I still like doing that, you know. 

But yes to having besties! You guys are hella fun and make even the most boring of school days seem exciting. 

5. The ability to write, draw and think

Again, just the mere thought of being unable to do those things scares me. I’ve got lots to say and whether that’s through a drawing or a blog post, it has to come out. 

Just having a moment right now.. Being human is quite cool. 

6. A bedroom and my own stuff 🌸

Okay, this one is sort of lame but don’t judge me.. I like my own space. And my own stuff. 

Better again if that stuff is from Typo. It’s my favourite store and quite frankly, I’m surprised I haven’t bought it out by now. 

You know.. #addiction 

7. The sun, and pretty much all things warm.. 

Yes! Yes all the way. I cannot live without the sun, and I don’t mean that in a literal ‘I would freeze to death without the sun’ kind of way although I do, because yes, I would freeze to death without the sun, so God bless. 

And blankets.. And warm clothes, and warm drinks.. Hot chocolate 😍 

8. Entertainment 🎭

Alright, alright. This is 2017, I am 13 years old and yet I may as well be two because I still fail to keep myself occupied. *Most of the time* 

I REPEAT: Most of the time. 

What I wouldn’t do without movies and magazines. My life πŸ˜‚

9. Emotions.. 

Yes, another cringey point, but it’s true! 

I wouldn’t want to live without emotions because feeling something- anything- is comforting. Sort of reminds me that I’m a living thing. 

Dead things feel nothing. I am alive. 

10. A sense of humour πŸ™ˆ

Seriously, how lame can I get? 

But laughing is so therapeutic. Contagious too. The good sort. 


See, don’t you feel alive?!

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