May: The best of this month..

Hey beautiful people!

Today, I had a burst of inspiration and decided that I’d compile a monthly highlight post, starting with May, so here goes nothing!

The music: I swear, 2017 must be the year of good music. At the moment, I’m loving the chainsmokers. They’ve released a new album called ‘Memories.. do not open’ and it is the BOMB. Granted, not all of it is to my liking, but my favourites would probably include ‘The One’ ‘Something just like this’ ‘Honest’ and ‘Young’. 

Some other good tunes include ‘Despacito’ by Daddy Yankee (Which I originally thought to be a ‘thug’ song, that was, until I actually listened to it) Surprises, surprises! haha. 

Hailee Steinfield also has some good music. Think ‘Most girls’ which deals with the stereotypes placed on girls in today’s society. Yass to Girl Power!

And the best for last.. Miley Cyrus’ Malibu. 

Honestly, Miley is a wild one. I respect the pride she takes in being herself, but until now, I wouldn’t call her music beautiful. But this song.. It’s exactly that. Lots of people say she is still the same old Miley, some say she’s the new Miley, some say she never changed, just found herself. I’ve got no opinion. Maybe the latter if anything. This video just speaks to me though. It sounds like.. happiness. 💖 



This isn’t a new one but ‘The Little Prince’ is a great movie. It’s based on a little girl whose mother has pretty much mapped out her life for her. She lives in a very grown up world completely devoid of any childish bliss or joy. This is an ’embrace your inner child type movie’, and definitely something I’d recommend you watch.

Other things: 

I just discovered the brand ‘Juicy Couture’ and it’s pretty cute. I love their perfumes. They smell super good and the bottles aren’t bad either. 

And I may or may not have come across some awesome little-potted cacti the other day. I am seriously obsessed, I know, but they are so edgy and they’d look great in my room. 


What are your favourite things from this month?





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