How many slaves work for you?

That chocolate bar you just ate, the cotton shirt you have on… what about that iPhone you have? How about that carpet underneath your feet? How about every single thing you own? EVERY SINGLE THING. That’s a lot, right?

Made by slaves? That’s the sad reality. The answer to this question is a ‘yes’.

Every day, across the world, tens of millions of people and children are forced to work against their will. Barely paid, crowded and in dirty conditions. Suicides aren’t out of the ordinary. Does this happen in big reputable brands? Of course! Just search up ‘Apple’ and ‘Slavery’ and you will be surprised. Surprised, and angered, I hope. For many of us, we don’t think about how something came to be. We don’t think about the people who suffer in order for us to have the newest and latest. Therefore, WE should be the ones making change, and saying sorry. You are never too old to say sorry.

They are the ones to carry the cocoa beans. They are the ones to pick the cotton. They are the ones that carry all the burden.

Emancipation.. not a slave was freed.

Conditions so terrible in companies that there is a need to install suicide nets! So terrible that they have to force their employees to sign agreements stating that their family members can’t sue the company in case they were to take their own life. Companies bringing in millions or billions of dollars, but their workers..? They’d be lucky to get a dollar. Not all companies are aware of this era of modern slavery.

Oh, the irony when you and I learn about this slavery on a device that has probably touched the sweat and tears of a soul chained to labor.

Change is hard in the world. Make a difference by educating yourself and others.

How many slaves work for you? Take the survey here. Be sure that you fine tune your answers for the most accurate results (gear/setting button on the left hand side of your screen).


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