Count your blessings: What are you grateful for today? ðŸ’–


Today I’ll be listing some positives from my day, and whether you write these down, like me, or even just think about them, I encourage you to do the same. It is a reality that life isn’t all rosy and sometimes, we can lose sight of everything we live for.. the positives!

My aim in doing this is to stay in touch with myself and to let you all ponder upon the following statement:  ‘And as all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude’. Do you/ do you not agree with this statement? If so, why?

Now, I invite you to consider that, and when you’re done, read on..

  1. Today, I am grateful for being able to enjoy a lovely day full of fun with my friends and classmates. It was nothing fancy, but my classmates and I had a little party to celebrate the end of semester one. There was plenty of food and music and everybody let loose and enjoyed themselves. I’ve never felt so happy or like I belonged as I did today.
  2. Continuing the last point.. I am grateful for my friends. It’s such a pleasure to know people who bring out the ME in ME, so to say. The weird me who enjoys making (and listening to other people!) make pig noises and tell terrible jokes. <33

3. The start of the holidays! Bring it on.. three weeks off, here I come ;D

4. Having the privilege of being able to share in my best friend’s birthday joy, and laughing with her when I tried to draw a potato, which she mistook for a sausage. Good times!

5. Being a part of a wonderfully supportive school and family community. Yesterday, for example, I was a model in my schools’ Heritage festival. I got all dressed up, watched a rugby (or was it football?..) match, ate some delicious food (Nepalese dumplings.. yum!), but most importantly, I got out there and overcame any inhibitions.

6. Having things to do and places to be. Granted, this point probably looks a bit silly but it just occurred to me how much effort is put into keeping me occupied and ensuring I have a good time. Even though I don’t exactly go right out and demand things happen for me, they pretty much do anyway, because somebody cares enough about me to make those things happen. So, mum, this one goes out to you.

7. Last of all, I am grateful for all the events that have led up to this current moment in my life, whether good or bad, they are the reason I am here now and am who I am. They are a vital part of my personal enhancement.







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