Forming healthy habits..



Welcome back gorgeous people!

Today I’d like you to give yourself a pat on the back and settle in, make yourself comfortable. Get your thinking cap on and read on for some inspiration (:

(PS. You may have noticed that I now have a graphic for my post.. I got this idea from another blog, and started using highly recommended!)

Now.. there’s something I need to tell you all. Something very big, and something I’m damn proud of myself for having achieved. If you’ve been following my Yoga Journey, you’ll find that I blogged a bit on the topic of a challenge. To be specific: 31 days ofย  Yoga Revolution.. which I have now completed. Score, me. I’ll be telling you about the benefits I’ve experienced, my journey, and what happens now.

To keep this short and easy to read, I’ll start with a list on the benefits I’ve experienced-

~So much flexibility! This is a great one. For some weird reason, before I started Yoga, I couldn’t touch my toes, not even close. But, due to many hours of stretching and exercises within the practice, I do just fine.

~Improved mental capacity: Yes, I can think better!

~Better able to cope with stress: Lately, I’ve been experiencing eye blinking, and it occurs whenever I get stressed. A nervous tic. I do this A LOT less when I have done my workout.

~And the last one: I feel so much happier. I am more focused and enjoy my daily activities so much more when I am aware.

My journey <

Onto the second part of this post:

Not too long after starting this journey, I got a supposed sore throat, and as sickness goes, it made me feel pretty shit and not at all like exercising. That’s just me.. and you, and well, most people. However, a *fairly* harmless sore throat actually turned out to be glandular fever and left meย in a vegetative state for the first three days. No eating, no drinking, so much pain. Oh, no swallowing. The pain was real! All I did was eat, sleep (lots and lots and lots). I also lost some weight during that time. The next few days were pretty much the same, with constant pain and me waking up at random times during the night, crying, and needing a doctor. Long story short, I was pretty out of action for around two months, and took just under a month off school. When I came back, there was lots of work for me to catch up, but I did just fine, and recently started back up my practices. Here I am now!

ย What happens now? <

Start, continue, finish. There, if that’s not a saying, I’ll make it one! I will be continuing my Yoga journey and trying out different videos until I find something that works for me, and then I will most definitely take advantage of that.

And now, because I am such a kid, I’ll attach a video that seems fitting my story ->



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