10 things to do when you’re sick of ‘the waiting game’Β 

This applies to anything really, but most specifically to a first world problem that many current century, vaguely vain females face. (Including myself obviously!)

Don’t you just hate it when you have to wait for your nails to dry? Like, ain’t nobody got time for that. Girl, you deserve a perfect manicure regardless of your impatience, so read on, and hopefully your next nail painting experience will be productive.. and perfect, of course. πŸ’…πŸΎπŸ‘…

Just Dance!

No, not the game. Although, if you’ve got that, you’ll do just fine. Why not try dancing to your favourite music? Make up your own routines and say bye bye to the lame video clips.

Check your email, and respond to anything new.

Having trouble finding time to keep up to date with all those new messages cluttering your inbox? There’s no better time than the present, and people will think you to be super organised (which you’re not πŸ™πŸΌ)

Clear your inbox and hit the unsubscribe button.

While you’re at it, check for any junk emails, and clear, clear, clear, them all away. If there’s anything you’ve subscribed to that’s no longer relevant, unsubscribe from it. There is nothing more useless than useless mail. Seriously.

Play games on your phone (or laptop, or iPad)

This didn’t occur to me as a good idea until I realised just how long it takes for nails to dry. = A hell of a lot of gaming time. And well spent too! Before you know it, you’ll have lost track of time.

Download ‘Sing’ and show off your amazing karaoke skills!

Nuff said. 🎀

Try not to mind if your partner can’t sing, because you TOTALLY can(not).

Watch or binge watch a series: 

It’s not like you haven’t seen these once, or twice, or thrice (That’s a word right?) but they never get old.

Time for a Riverdale and 13 reasons why marathon!

Lament the tragic fact that once you are done binge watching, you’ll have to wait *choke* months till the return of your much loved shows. 


Oh, the tears. You may need to grab a life jacket before it’s too late!

Call up your friends and make conversation so they don’t forgot you.

Whoops, text. Does the new generation know calling is a thing?  *wink wink* Yes yes, I’m clued in.

Take Instagram worthy selfies and watch people break the like button.

This is a fun one, especially for all you self assured slaying baes 😍


Raid the kitchen and eat yourself (and your family!) out of house and home.. 

They’ll probably be a bit crabby with you when they get hungry, but a good go to answer is “And that’s how i wanna live my life, and i think everything is going to be just fine” in a really silly voice, so they are forced to laugh. 😏

(Or, you could post cringey pics of your girlfriend during her non exercise related  Maccas run. πŸ”)


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