What makes the news: Today I’ll be looking at ‘Girlfriend.com’ and well, plain old ‘MSN’.

Hello beautiful people,

Today, I have a bit of a different post for you. I’m going to visit the two sites listed above and sort of compare- why do they post the content there, and how does it affect us- a community, a world?

These are the questions I’ve asked myself today, and I’m getting answers.

1. MSN 

Okay, half of the news here is pretty general. The usual rambling about politics, celebrity goss and a few funny articles. From what I can tell, (and have read online) what seems to make the news is the articles that are current and not days/months/years old, but with exceptions. The article on ‘What killed Princess Di’ for example, is big right now, due to the documentary on her life having come out. She was lovely, and very famous. Boxes ticked, ticked, ticked. This is not recent, but there are lots of theories, and by the looks of it, an understanding has been reached. What else? Significance and proximity- A story that affects a substantial amount of people has a better chance of coverage as does a ‘local’ story, as per se. Also, prominence. Famous people are famous for a reason- others want to know about their lives, they want to meet them, they want autographs, and why exactly is this so? Well, think about it. They’ve been impressed once, they’re just coming back for more. While I wouldn’t consider everything online to be ‘news’, there really is something to suit each interest. Not everybody wants to hear about Donald Trump, and his latest mis(adventures).

Some of the more interesting articles I found.. there’s something for everyone!

I say interesting but what I really mean is kinda crazy. Lady, your ‘chocolate challenge’ is many things including stupid and undeniably racist. Yup, yup. 

And this.. eek, you guys, he’s just a damn person. And no, I don’t believe that he’s the hottest person ever, cause just no.

And this, OF ALL THINGS THAT COULD’VE MADE TEEN NEWS! I can’t even. The media is seriously getting inside our heads and just plain dumbing us down.

In conclusion: This must be a bug issue, or we wouldn’t be learning about media techniques in school. That is in the syllabus now apparently, for Year 8 anyway. There is a helluva lot to learn, so what can I say? Good on me for making a start 😂



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