Art is the words that never left my heart and your mind. Art is the silence that followed. 👀


Lavender Collection


It’s not something I’ve really thought about until yesterday in a particular Visual Arts lesson. We were doing theory instead of practical (glazing ceramic food!) because we only had a single period instead of the preferred double.

I was like, “Okay, this is going to suck. Wait, maybe not..?”

It went something like this:

Teacher: Okay class, what is art and who is an artist?

Class: Art is painting and drawing, and um, artists!

Me: Art comes from within and is driven by the emotions we connect to it. *Rambles on a bit more*

(GOOD GOD, if only I had that sort of knowledge when it comes to taking Maths tests!)

Teacher: Yes, that’s a fantastic point! I agree with you. *New slide on PowerPoint*

Teacher: *Lets us read new scenario on board* What do we all think this person is?

Class: Artist, obviously.

Teacher: *New slide* What do we think now?

Class: WHAT NO 


Teacher: And so the debate begins! Artist or Baker.. *New slide*

Teacher: This artist is called Miralda and his work is called ‘Coloured bread.’ Very unique name, aye?


Teacher: *Smiles to self* Debate is on! Bakers and artists separate. (And at this point, everybody moved over to the Baker side so the teacher had to get some people to change spots xD)

My group: Okay everybody, read your arguments.

Me: *reads*

Everybody: *woah* Okay, you speak.

And I did. Almost got a standing ovation too! I just get so passionate sometimes and talk and talk. I super super wish my talent extended to all subjects though.

And so, the big question: What is Art? 💡

Well, that’s up to you, isn’t it? Art is individual, but to me, Art means..

“You are Art, I am Art. Why is this not art? There are creators and then there is creation. Art is like humaity. It possesses many qualities and can elicit different responses from each and every one of us. If all we ever do is stare at the surface, we’ll never see beyond. Art is waking up in the morning and seeing the sun rise. Art is smiling at that person on the street, or laughing at that joke that wasn’t even funny. Art is infinite and beautiful in ways you could never imagine. One day you’ll wake up and go “I am an artist”, and you’ll probably surprise yourself, but deep down you’ll know. Ordinary is extraordinary. You dared to live and looks what you became- a beautiful masterpiece of your own working, flowers blooming from your very soul. Flawed but never silenced.

Art does not die. It cannot be ordered. It is unruly, not like the atoms that make up your very being.

How amazing, to live so fearlessly.


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7 thoughts on “Art is the words that never left my heart and your mind. Art is the silence that followed. 👀”

  1. Hi, um, so this is awkward but…I see you’re using my graphic flower/butterfly dividers…and I just would like to ask if you could please take them down and not use them? 🙂 I actually made them myself + bought commercial licenses to use the graphics, so it’s actually not legal for anyone else to use them anyway. Plus, I work hard to create my designs and it’s a bit disappointing to see them taken! So yeah! Thanks for taking them down.

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    1. Oh, one more thing. I forgot to mention why I used the dividers. I was just looking through really, and I saw they were able to be copied and I sort of just assumed they were just from google images. I’ll make sure to check for certain next time though x

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