The Leibster Award 🤦💟 You’re about to be swept up into a rainbow mover and dumped in the wonderful world of me.

                                                                           crap, there’s a fly. scared me.

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I am having one of ‘those’ moments.

I have just sat down and now I need the toilet.

why just why
no, i mislead you three *there* not three goddamned typos go to hell

No, I’m having a relatable blogger moment (of which there are many).

 I am trying to find the words to say a  heartfelt thank you to Kiya @, but all  that’s coming out of my brain is dead cells and BS. It’s a damn good thing that sleep is a thing or I wouldn’t bother trying *hyperventilates*

     Literally all of you at the moment: Procrastination is the thief of time. 🙄 +  please get some help 

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(i am so *not* sorry for lobsters being the only thing you think of when/if you get this award..)

cackles evilly cause that’s just what I’m like

Jks (aside), but srsly.

Kiya is an absolute slayyer & deserves every single bit of recognition she can get, and that’s why I am kindly asking you all to check out her website and (please do) bombard her with likes and comments and just be all fangirly.

You’re welcome!



    • Thank the person(s) who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
    • Answer the 11 questions they gave you.
    • Nominate 11 blogs and let them know they’ve been tagged.
    • Give them 11 questions to answer.


Dreams really do come true. Bring the questions on! 🎆


  1. What is one word in another language that you adore? I love the Dutch word ‘Voorpret’. It just seems to roll of my tongue and actually sounds beautiful! Plus, the definition is the bomb.

(n) pre-fun, the sense of enjoyment felt before a party or event takes place.

2. If you could select one landmark I don’t know if that’s the right word for it, but I mean like literally any building, or house or garden you’ve stumbled across and thought ooh if only I lived near it and move it to your town, which one would it be? What a hard question to answer! This world is so full of beauty that it makes it near impossible to choose, but for now I’ll settle with one of those little old city terrace houses. You know, with the ornate details and pastel colours and flowerbeds + ivy coloured windows.

That will definitely be my dream home when I get older! Flashy isn’t always best.

3. If you could play any instrument, which would you choose? I would choose to play the Harp. It’s such a grand instrument and isn’t *extremely* common either, so win-win

4. What fictional book, movie, tv show world that we become helplessly addicted to do you want to be apart of? Oooh, an easy one! Haha. At the moment, I’m sort of binge watching Pretty Little Liars, and it seems like quite a cool world to be in (even though I’m only up to Season 1, Episode 9/10?) with all the mystery and twists and turns.

5. What’s your favourite flower? Oh, definitely roses! They’re common, yes, but they’re still so delicate and gorgeous. I’d love to have a rose garden when I grow up. I’d fill it with a diverse range of coloured roses, at least the ones I know of- Yellow, yellow and pink, and yes, red roses.

6. Would you choose immortality? I think, at first glance, most answers to this question would be yes- but then you think. To be immortal, to never die.. Is that really what you would want? I mean, nobody wants to think of dying, and it is a blessing that it will one day come as a sick surprise instead of something hanging over our heads like a bad smells.. For one, you’d see everyone else leave, and die, and hurt and love and cry. You’d witness it all. And you’d still age- you wouldn’t die, just age.. and at some point, you’ll just want it to stop. You’ll want to block it all out. And those scary things that you hear about, the ones that people say you don’t have to worry about because you’ll die long before? Well, that doesn’t exactly apply, does it? Live a long and happy life, or never ever let go? Immortality probably isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

7. If you were to leave a legacy behind, what would yours be? aside from being a kick ass blogger.  

I would want my legacy to be built up on something small I did for as many people as possible, hopefully something that could carry on and be of service to as many as possible. I would want to be remembered for something like a skill I taught somebody or assistance of some sort.

8. Current song obsession..

Ahh, probably Julia Micheals. She’s fairly new and not exactly huge in the music industry, but she’s going big places. Her music is really mature and focuses on both sides of relationships, which I think is integral. Nothing is black and white. A close second to Julia would probably be Amy Shark, who’s got a very unique musical sense that I quite appreciate.

9. Something you should never try is… WASABI PEAS. Trust me, I learnt this the wrong way!

10. What is your dream car? Oh, fun! Probably a Lamborghini. That’s what I’d consider a really sporty/ sexy sort of car. There we go, I’m objectifying an inanimate object again xD


11. Who are the people you look up to in the blogging world? Cause come on, let’s spread some love!

Literally, what I can say?!- everybody. Blogging is such a journey- you choose what to share and you build up an image based on what you are and aren’t proud of and you shape yourself into this new person, and sometimes you just fall back into old ways or stay the safe. Maybe you try and fit into a box that’s just too small to hold each beautiful part of you, and it takes courage, you know, to know you’re enough and to get those words out and just embrace everything you are.





Now, for my nominations!

Step forward..

*rounds of applause!


1. Ilsa @ A whisper of Ink

2. Cait @ paperfury

3. Elsie LMC

4. Kris @ lemon-notes

5. Mona @ preppy_pink_piglet

6. BeautyBeyondBones

7. emzynelson

8. hell0chloe

9. Absolutely Olivia

10. May @ Forever And Everly

11.  ItsSimplyMeJasmine

*trumpet sounds xD*


This (totally not) stalker-like Sassy Pants wants to know..

  1. What was the last lie you told?

      2. How tall are you and how tall do you wish you were?

3. What is the best compliment you’ve ever recieved?

4. What is one movement you are really passionate about? 

5. Would you be willing to eat a bowl of crickets for 50,000 dollars?

6. If you could swap bodies with someone for a week, who would it be/why?

7. Name two weird quirks about yourself.

8. If you could pick up the phone and change the future through a past                        conversation, would you?

9. What is love to YOU? 

10. Describe the scariest moment of your life so far.

11. Name the first thing you see when you look straight ahead.

And these awesome questions have come to an end *cries*

If you’ve been nominated, congratulations! I like your website a lot and I think you’ve got real talent.

If you don’t want to participate, that’s perfectly fine, but I would love it if you could. Looking forward to all your answers! x


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25 thoughts on “The Leibster Award 🤦💟 You’re about to be swept up into a rainbow mover and dumped in the wonderful world of me.”

  1. Aww thanks so much for the nomination!! I’m still staring at the crickets question wondering if I would or not.😂 THAT’S A CRUEL QUESTION. Also I would still want to be immortal!! I want to read sooo many books basically.😂

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