Give me an ‘S’, give me a ‘U’, okay, alright. Hello Sunshine blogger award..🌞🔥

Deary me.

Lily, I think you’ve set me on fire.

Image result for gif im burning

I have one question for you: Does the ‘stop, drop and roll’ method do any justice to a rapidly burning smol bean?

Science says yes but my gut says no.

Now, before you go saying anything you’ll regret, please note down the following facts on the anatomy of me, myself and I:

There’s a part of my brain wired specifically to *entertain* others.

And by entertain, I mean, leave one wondering where the fluffing heck lost time goes, cause soz, no reimbursements.

You just gotta listen. 

It took guts to admit that.

That means I’m gutsy.

Gutsiness is a trademark feature of moi.

Do you get what I did there?

Related image

I’ll *pretend* I didn’t hear you say that.

(aka. will use against you when needed most. aka. when i spy with my little eye an oh so delicious something)

You’ve been warned *thunder feel the thunder, lightnin’ and the THUNDERRRR*


okay, okay. i *may* have gotten a small itsy little bitsy carried away there.

I guess I should thank you, dear Lily.

You’ve set me on non-literal utterly positively lit fire.

This is my *gasp* second *gasp* award of the week.

I am honoured, and think you’re pretty damn good yourself, ya know. Just puttin’ that out there in the big wide world, cause everyone should know.

*Just sayyying*


e l s e

Related image

You know where to go:

honesty y’all. 🤥🤥

Related image




*Premium hot chocolate* SLURPING NOISES FILL AIR

*tries desperately not to roast nobody or make burnin jokes cause that ain’t funny* 


  • 1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  • 2. Answer the 11 questions they’ve given you.
  • 3. Nominate 11 people
  • 4. Give 11 questions for the people you nominated


My heart is truly blessed 💞

1. Favourite song? 

I am afraid that I literally cannot answer this question without well, not answering the question. And uh, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.


I love all of Julia Micheals’ songs at the moment yet I’m sort of having a reunion with Ed Sheeran songs. You know, in the sense that they would play non-stop until I took a hiatus (fancy vocab, yup yup.) and got addicted to new songs etc ect, until I got hit by a wave of srsly overpowering  Ed Sheeran song nostalgia. The fuzzy painful type.

But then again, there’s always Melanie Martinez.. and a couple of hundred others.

 2.What movie could you watch over and over again and not get tired of?

I don’t even need to think about that! Massive YASS to questions where I don’t have to dig into the depths of my unfortunate persona. YASS.

One word: *three* ‘The Little Prince.’

Potentially the best, most thought evoking movie I’ve ever watched. The story revolves around a little girl living in a seriously adult world, devoid of all childish fun and lightness. She is the victim of a heinous crime: theft of childhood. Thief? Dear old mum. Dad is as good as dead. But then she meets somebody.. somebody who changes her life for the better and shows her what it means to truly live.

3. Dream Job?

My  Dream job is to be an industrial designer. This has been my answer for a long time now and it simply hasn’t changed because life goals! I’m a very creative minded person and design is something I really enjoy. If I can take my passion and work magic, then that I’ll do!

Image result for build gif

   4. Do you want kids? 

Well, damn honey, that’s a fluffing scary question. 👶

Definitely, yes. Maybe two girls and a boy, or just a boy and a girl? That’s for a later decision though! I remember this time when I was younger and my mum was talking about how painful childbirth is (she’s right buuuut) and I was like, nope. I just won’t have kids.. But of course, I caved in!

*yeah that’s me.. elaborates way too much for comfort*

5. What are some baby names you like/might use? No specifics as of yet, but I want my offspring to be uniquely named. I want them to stand out and you know, they say names resonate. Nothing weird, of course, but just a beautiful, strong name.

6. Favourite year of school? Favourite year of school… I’d say this year (8), to be honest. I’m content with myself and my achievements and am just in a good place right now. Everything is going well and I’m going to hold onto that for as long as possible. *wink wink*

7.  Any bad experiences in school? 

Unfortunately, yes. I’ve had bad experiences all through school with bullying, too much homework *chorus of yawns* and just encounters with the wrong people. I tend to, for whatever reason, gravitate towards the more troubled kids. It’s an unconscious sort of habit and it has not served me well in any case!

*Blood, sweat and tears have been shed*

8. Favourite band/singer?

*chucks hands up in defeat* must I?

Surely, Lily, you would know that this is torturous. I can’t, I just C A N N O T.

  Fine, I’ll stop avoiding the question. Uhhh, maybe the Chainsmokers? OF MANY. OF MANy ok

9. Ever done something illegal?

Oh god. It’s like you already know. *guilty face*


Just kidding.. maybe. I definitely have some dating/relationship regrets and uh, dark web encounters. I was really into that sort of stuff last year actually. I downloaded something called a Tor (onion) browser which was basically a little portal into that damned world of utter darkness. On there I found a range of disturbing materials, and once, in a moment of complete and utter shock, sent something illegal to somebody.

there you go, all ma juicy secrets *cries self to sleep*

10. Dating anyone at the moment or have your eye on someone? 😉

Yes, I’m dating somebody at the moment. What can I say, I’m a lucky girl.. and so is she. 💗🏳️‍🌈

*waits for you guys to get it*

I’ve struggled somewhat to come to terms with my sexuality, but of all relationships, this feels right when nothing else has. I’ve made a promise to myself, this time, that I can love whoever I want, no matter the gender.


Now who shall I nominate?

1. Universe Of The Unspoken

2. Ups and Downs

3. Just a Blank Space

4. All I know is Grace

5. Brooke Jade

6. Tales from the Thrift Shop

7. Free Perspectives

8. crystalsandcurls

9. toomuchofabooknerd

10. meganvlow

11. EnniMorgan

PS. Getting these questions up has been more painful than I care to admit.

  1. If you had to make a time capsule, what would you put in it and when would you decide to open it?

2. What is your favourite thing about yourself?

3. When you get old, what kind of stories can you imagine telling your future generations?

4. You have one word to describe yourself. What would it be?

5. What weird food combinations do you enjoy? (Mmm.. peanut butter and nutella cheese flavoured crackers.. not as gross as it sounds).

6. What social stigma does society need to let go of?

7. Any favourite emojis?

8. What “old person” things do you do? If any..

9. Imagine if you had suddenly discovered that one of your *fictional* or real, up to you, siblings had been cloned. What would you do?

10. What’s your cure for hiccups?

11. Name one thing about you that makes you unique. Other than DNA!

That’s all folks..!

As usual, your choice completely, but these posts are super fun to do so.. just saying (;


15 thoughts on “Give me an ‘S’, give me a ‘U’, okay, alright. Hello Sunshine blogger award..🌞🔥”

  1. Oh hey thank you so much for the nomination! I really loved reading this post. You sound like a quirky amazing person. But sweetie I think you forgot to put in the questions for the nominees 🙊😋

    Liked by 1 person

  2. thank you sooooooooo much for nominating me! this is actually my first blogger award XD you have no idea how much this means to me, hon ❤ i'll do a post about my the sunshine blogger award nomination(yippee!) when the questions are available, but take your time! thank you so much again, hon; you just made me one of the happiest girl in the world ❤



    1. Oh, that’s absolutely no problem! This is my second blogger award and I was over the moon with my first. It’s still so exciting! The thing is though, the questions were up last night.. then they somehow disappeared so I re posted them and I’ve got no idea what’s happening.. 😦

      Liked by 1 person

      1. that’s totally fine! i can see the questions now, so thanks so much! btw, is there like button or logo for the sunshine blogger award? just asking XD me: wondering if there is something i can put for the featured image XD


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