It happened to me: I’m a misunderstood blogger. (or witty wordy friend.) Whatever you prefer.. 😱 💔


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Why the fluffin’ heck do you bother with a website?

It happened to me. I was sitting there, just a wee little thing, minding my own business and sipping a double triple choc hazeln-

nuh nuh nuh nope. I’m overplaying that.

I’m just facing an existential crisis due to a common thingy that I’m dead sure at least one of you other wee things has experienced in your short life.

Let me just say: I am a blogger!

*all laugh because if that’s not the dumbest most obvious statement ever just shoot me*

But seriously. Put down your fancy shakes and grab something to cuddle. Bring out the secret stash and just-just listen. You’re about to be duly horrified by my next statement. 

*tears up* god have mercy on me PLEASE



This is like post apocalyptic Storytime: One blogger and three words that changed everything and caused said blogger to go into a wordy flurry and rant about godknowswhat.

‘They’re just words.’

No! no, no, no. If I have one purpose on this doomed green and blue planet, it is to assure you that blogging is not just a bunch of words from a too lazy to write on a page kinda person. Blogging is a huge jumbled up story that ends happily, no matter what happens in the beginning or the middle or else. It’s just the way of the world.

Let’s compare shall we?

a) Being a blogger is like being a tightrope walker in your local circus

The whole act depends on you not falling off the damn rope (which is im possible)

Okay, Maryam, shut up. That was funny. Just shut it.

What I mean is that you can do all your fancy tricks and show a bit of sass but when everything is good and done, you need something to show for it.

Your dead body? let’s pass.

b) Like being a chef, cooking all your favourite meals..

*hungry yet? hehe*

You need a bit of everything. The right amounts. Some zest, some good strong flavour. You can experiment a bit, sure, but preferably not with an actual order. Apply that to blogging, just try.

It *helps* a LOT if you are c) part comedian.

And that is the formula, dear children.

Wit, humour and balance.

Image result for do you get it gif                                                                              ^ I shall caption this ‘100% of WordPress’ ^

 Just a bit of forewarning.. sometimes my English teacher tells me to sum something up. Next century comes (and goes) and she’s like gurl whut that was good but whut

*aka. I’m better at ranting than you so huuuh*

What this gobbledegook means: 

To me blogging is about getting my thoughts and words out and that’s how they become so much more.. with just the right amount of love, care, thought and wit. Honestly, half of what I say won’t make sense at all, to anybody, but that’s sort of the beauty. Being able to form your own opinion of something and just taking what you will from it. That’s what I love about blogging and why I’ll use that title- I’m part of a supportive community of the most lovely crazies you’ll ever meet. Crazy passionate!


This is my creative outlet. I’m free to just be myself and that’s such a positive thing- can you relate to this post? 

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