To the bone: raw and unfiltered please

Ellen is an unruly 20-year-old anorexic girl who spent the better part of her teenage years being shepherded through various recovery programs, only to find herself several pounds lighter every time. Determined to find a solution, her dysfunctional family agrees to send her to a group home for youths, which is led by a non-traditional doctor. Surprised by the unusual rules, Ellen must discover for herself how to confront her addiction and attempt self-acceptance.

Two minutes in and this movie is making me nervous. Apparently, it’s meant to be a comedy/drama film (see below), but it’s difficult to get past the ultra skinny babes who can’t have their cake and eat it too. 

I’m honestly feeling triggered, and damn sad for Lily Collins.

Image result for to the bone tumblr suck my skinny balls

According to more than one source, this is a movie to avoid. Insensitive, innacurate, dangerous and meaningless.

Need I go on? I’m two minutes in and it occurs to me that I should write a review. Let’s see what happens.

One minute later, and I feel terrible. I can hear weird moaning noises, but it turns out that she’s just exercising and it’s painful. I feel terrible. Ah, let’s see. Calorie aspergers? If I’m not mistaken, that’s a totally stupid + offensive thing to say. Oh, and the calorie memorisation? That’s habitual. I’m sure Lily Collins doesn’t need the trigger, but all for a movie, aye?

Nonetheless, I’m still watching.. three minutes in.

8 minutes in and she’s getting weighed. This reminds me of something.

“Jesus, do you think this is beautiful?” “No.”

You look like absolute crap! Every time I ask you why you do this, you give me some non-answer..


I bet some of them who were about to die said the same thing. *silence* 

I wonder why Lily Collins, former anorexic/bulimic would do this- play a role where it looks like she’s back to phase one. Healing? she says it’s what her former 16 year old self would’ve wanted to see.

I still can’t get over how sick and well, d e a d  she looks. I couldn’t do that- play a role where I was embodying something I’d spent so long running away from.

So far, I’m feeling that most reviews have been unfair.. It’s pretty authentic. She’s at the clinic now, and there’s another girl there. She looks like me. Yes, hit those stereotypes out of the field. They’re not welcome.

She’s just been allowed to go to the bathroom alone. I don’t think that’s allowed.

Image result for to the bone =

I respect Collins a great deal for this. Going to hell and back and still coming out the other end. Some people are watching this for the wrong reasons. It’s not a bad film. Don’t watch it for the wrong reasons. I honestly don’t think it’s romanticising Anorexia, just like I don’t think 13 Reasons Why romanticised suicide.

Find the lie and replace it with the truth.

“I treat kids like you all day every day. I know you’re full of shit and you’re not skinny and you scare people and I know you like that.”

This whole drama is surprisingly funny actually. ‘Ellen’ just made a joke, and it was everythingggg

I don’t think this was meant to be sad. Think new beginnings.. happy.

Okay, seriously? You took her plate and she didn’t eat anything. I feel like if this was real life right now, they’d be force feeding her.

Image result for to the bone ellen eating

Oh my god. Stepmother Susan.. you are not for real! I can’t even imagine what I’d do in this situation. This is just completely and utterly unhelpful and also very triggering. EAT UP ELLEN!

Image result for eat up ellen cake to the bone

It’s a piece of cake. Literally (not). 

Hi, I’m Lucas. Like mucus. 

**when you realise that you’ve probably stopped the moment 1262635257272736366363 times just so you can vomit a whole lot of words out onto a page**

*Please don’t take the vomit part the wrong way.**

I just rant sometimes and need to get all the words out of my brain or it’ll fizzle up and die.

“some of these girls are c u t t e r s?..”

The judgement in Stepmother Susan’s voice makes me wonder what life is anymore. Why, just why?

The rexy olympics

What sort of a term is that?  =/

“Be good. Not too good. Perfect..” I don’t know why, but this line makes me sad. Maybe it’s because perfectionism breeds a weird sort of hate in a person and I know this firsthand.

*22 minutes in and I obviously feel strongly about this film or I wouldn’t have rambled on for two hours**

HAAH! Lucas mucus calles therapy ‘B#!ch and Bull”

that’s something else entirely.Image result for to the bone lucas and ellen

“This is the torture chamber.. also known as the dining room..”

“Priviliges.. earn points, you get to go out on your own. I’m planning my next trip out actually. So far I’ve eaten at nine out of the hundred places I’ve wanted to go.”

Uhh, what happened to not talking about food because It’s boring and I don’t need to know?

I got tubed today, and it hurt. I got all hot and I couldn’t stop thinking about how many calories was in that drip.” 

“1500. I googled that.” there.

It’s not about thin enough, there’s no thin enough. 

Ellen looks a bit horrified at this point. ‘Fat girl’ next to her is eating peanut butter by the tub. I’m vaguely unnerved by this display of courage. I don’t eat peanut butter by the tub.

Now they’re praying to Jesus- laughing yet Daniel? It’s a heartfelt prayer but the cringe factor is just very there.

It’s the next scene and Ellen’s family is in for a group session.. practically abandoned her daughter and now she’s all over her like some feisty monkey.

“You look like a ghost!” Yeah, hi mom. **For the sake of this film, I’m now american okay

(okay, you’ve probably worked out by now that this is a literal second to second review of the film. No statistics, nothing sappy, just you, me and my unfiltered words. It is never my intent to cause offence. This is an official disclaimer. )

Okay, Ellen has three MOMS. THREE! That’s means a lot of chores and whatnot.

“I’m sorry that I’m not a person anymore, I’m a problem.. and it’s all my fault.”

Blame has no place here. Who do YOU want to be?

” I feel angry. It’s like, just eat. And it’s not just her life she’s missing out on, it’s mine. I was robbed of having a sister. When I look at my prom pictures, all I think of is ‘this is when Ellen fainted’ or ‘This is when Ellen was in the hospital’. All my friends think she’s some sort of freak who killed a girl and now what’s worse is that people want to be like her and look like her and go through what she’s going through’

You weren’t responsible for her death. Your drawings.. she sent you the letter. It wasn’t your fault.


Miracle potatoes.. every  b i t e  feeds the miracle.

They’ve got a boy anorexic. He was once a dancer with dreams. He’s weird in a funny good way. He looks like you Daniel. 😄

i am weird;

How do you do it, eat, I mean? Don’t you feel all panicky, like the world’s going to end? I do, but I push through anyway. I’m not going to be one of those guys that has to be lifted out of bed with a crane.’

and we’re back to calorie aspergers again and I don’t like it one bit. aghansbdbdd

this film is raw in a way that I can’t quite describe

it looks like reality and its a scary one

even when they say things like

pretty soon you’re gonna be flopping around here like a boneless fish. 

somebody wise once said “Find the lie and replace it with the truth”.

What is YOUR lie saying?

Renew yourself. live a bit. love a little.


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9 thoughts on “To the bone: raw and unfiltered please”

  1. I’m a Lily Collins fan myself and I found the film to be quite good- even a bit artsy at the end. She did a wonderful acting job as always, and I’m sure it wasn’t the easiest thing to do- but I respect her even more for making it such a great film


  2. This movie was quite intense but can be interpreted in both negative and positive ways. It’s a really complex and sensitive issue but I do have to admit it could be very triggering to someone who’s struggling with eating disorders :/


    1. Oh, undoubtedly! Personally, I struggle with an ED myself.. It was quite triggering and sort of got me thinking bad thoughts but I knew I had to be careful. Most people use this topic as something sad to write about but I think there’s two sides. Have a good day ❤

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