If we were having coffee..



If we were having coffee.


Apparently this is a trending post idea. Interesting.. I swear I’ve seen this just about nowhere, but alrighty, I’m slow to catch on.

Key word here is “if”.

I don’t really drink coffee, because it’s simply too caffeinated and I’m a human (no you’re not) who may be a vague insomniac and so that dreaded drink does me no favours. For now, all I can do is imagine myself as an old weary pineapple (bad mental picture but this is starting to get catchy), struggling to keep up with my work (I’ll be a freelance writer, Youtuber and interior designer) but ultimately coming out the other end all smiley and happy and with all them good ol’ vibes because I have my coffee!

Or I could enlist one of my minions to find me a time machine and travel back to weird day where I drank a lot of milky/sugary coffee and was like, a whole twelve years old. And also slept well that night, thank you.

But no!!


We won’t be having coffee. I’d take fictional other being to Starbucks (read: force) and I’d buy a chai latte. They’d offer to pay for coffee and I’d fake agree, savagely leaving them with the ‘coffee’ bill. I’d offer to buy cake and they’d refuse because they’re vaguely health nuttish and I’d laugh internally, because I have a savage side.

And then they’d start to talk, one word only obviously, because It’s nice to do some listening and being polite is just one of my best qualities. πŸ˜‚

And then I’d rudely interrupt by blowing my nose loudly into a napkin because I love being grossly disturbing!


(This is turning into a nightmarish alternative reality situation, I think. Read on and I’ll give you a medal for bravery. Sorry, no refunds for lost brain cells.)

HAHAHAH, not really. I’d just verbally onslaught (fancy rantingggg) and they’d do that thing where you try and listen but you’re really just waiting for a gap in conversation and you’re not really listening because you’ve got a dumb dumb brain which can’t mentally multitask.

Anybody feel like I could’ve said that in one sentence?** VERBAL ONSLAUGHTS ARE LITT πŸ˜„

Anyway, I’d tell you the following things in approximately a hundred sentences (per thingy thingy):

  1. Just how much I love my blog baby and how I’ve clearly shown improvement in my design skills which are fabulously on point!

Image result for thats my baby im proud tumblr gif

2. Then I’d ramble on about school and the mountain of assignments that I’m forever trying to conquer. End of term, come at meee! πŸ€—

3. I’d tell you how I’m starting dancing classes, lyrical and musical theatre, but I’m probably enjoying the latter more since I’ve decided to start lyrical next year instead. Not enough time at the moment and I’m not used to having so much to do!

4. I’d tell you that I’m excited for the holidays and probably name a few things I hope to do. Way to state the obvious Maryam!

5. Who knows? Whatever interests me next. Maybe I’ll tell a story.. I tell good stories. Or order some cake and uh, forget to pay for it so they’ll do it for me. πŸ˜€

d7d53e77684e91fc735793faf27ed7e9--overlay-png-overlay-tumblrSo, this is a bit different to what I usually post, but interesting none the less! Have you heard of this idea before? Would you like to try it? Too much rambling/just enough?Β 




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