An interview with Lydia Howe: Everything you need to know plus more!


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Hey all! I’ve been lucky enough to be able to interview the fantastic Lydia Howe on her debut novel, Where Dandelions Grow, and here are her answers. I can’t wait to see where she’ll go next in her journey as a writer and wish her the best of luck with her book. Such exciting times! 😊


You can find links to the book below**

1. Were there any specific events that prompted you to start working on ‘Where Dandelions Grow’ and if so, tell us about it!
My cousins and I were really close growing up, and when we started hitting milestones – such as high school graduations – I realized life was going to be changing a lot. I wanted to celebrate/commemorate our bond somehow, and a book seemed like the perfect way. 
2. Any quirky writerly habits we should know about? 
Quirky writer describes me quite well. For some odd reason I pretty much have to have something in my mouth in order to concentrate while writing. (As I type this I have my headphone cord in my mouth – a habit I do not recommend.) I have a feeling this is why bygone generations always chewed on pencils while being author-ly. I’m also a rather active writer which means I don’t do much writing in public. This past week I was working in front of my sister and she later described me this way: “Lydia makes weird noises as she flies with her arms while sitting at the table all day.” And, that pretty much sums up what I look like…. 
3.For you, what is the best part of being a writer? Was it a dream you’ve always had or is it something you just woke up thinking about one day?
I joke that the best part about writing is getting to listen to music as I work. But, in reality my real favorite part is the privilege of sharing my thoughts, stories, and ideas with others. 
Being a writer is a dream I’ve had ever since I was a little girl and listened to my oldest sister tell amazing stories to me. 
4. Through the process of publishing and releasing your novel, and I’m sure, many other fantastic achievements, how would you say you’ve evolved creatively and as a person?
One of the big things I’ve discovered is that although I’m a creative person, continuing on with creativity as I grow up has most assuredly been a choice. Therefore, I’ve learned that I can’t take creativity for granted – instead I have to work to be creative and immerse myself in a creative environment each day. 
As for evolving as a person… Reading and writing a lot has helped me realize what things in life and relationships really bother me. So, I make it a point to try and notdevelop those habits and tendencies that aren’t productive and worthwhile, and instead work on developing traits that will make my life more helpful to those around me. 
5. Can you share some stories about people you’ve met while working on Where Dandelions Grow?
I had a great editor for Where Dandelions Grow. We actually ended up working together during a really hard time for me. I had Lyme disease for seven years and moved at a really slow pace and was often unreliable due to being too sick to meet deadlines. Having a patient editor who encouraged me to keep going, but not worry about what I couldn’t do, was incredible. My editor ended up not only helping me with the book, but also with keeping the correct perspective throughout my sickness. 
6. Give us a run through on your day to day working life- do you dedicate specific days to writing/ forming ideas or is it just based on what you’re feeling up to at that moment?
I don’t have any normal days right now. 🙂 I work part time for my family’s business (which is, thankfully, quite flexible), part time at a coffee shop (which is tons of fun), and part time on writing. That means each day looks quite different. I do try and set specific week or month goals for what I want to accomplish on the writing front, but even that sometimes changes partway through the month. 
7. Any golden nuggets of wisdom you have to share? Teach me something!
If you have a goal/dream worth pursuing, then go for it! Make sure you have a big enough “why” and then make a plan and hit it hard. 
8. What is the most unethical practice in the publishing industry?
Oh goodness. I’m really not qualified to even venture a guess on that one. Mostly, I’m just so thankful for the publishing industry so that we can have new books! 
9. Can you name an early experience when you realised language had power?
When I was eight and read a “big” chapter book for the first time (it was probably 250 pages). The book literally changed my mindset and habits as a little girl, and I decided if a story could have that big of an impact on me, then I should become an author, too. 
    Just some fun ones now!
10. What is the strangest name someone has ever introduced themselves as to you?
I don’t specifically recall…. I do have a habit of giving strange nicknames to friends though (and then introducing them to others using that nickname). The strangest nickname I’ve probably ever come up with is “Female Human of the Shrock Family Number Six.” 
11. Describe a time where something you can’t explain happened to you.
Hmmm… My brain is drawing a blank on this one…. 
12. Are you still learning who you are? Imagine you were somebody else. What is one word they’d use to describe you?
Ah yes, I think I’ll always be learning about who I am, because I’m constiantly changing and growing. My biggest desire is to grow to be more like Jesus, and that’s something I’ll always have to work on. 
One word to describe me? Probably unique
13. And last one! What’s your heritage and how do you include parts of it in your life?
I had the huge privilege and blessing of growing up in a big (ten kids) family, and we had a stay-at-home mom and were homeschooled. So, my immediate family heritage includes a lot of working together, being taught to work towards our dreams, family time, and exploring the world together. 
My more extended heritage includes German and Irish ancestry, and some relatives that (according to legend) came over on the Mayflower. I’d be delighted to visit Ireland some day.  
And that’s it. Thank you so much for allowing me to interview you 🙂 
Thank you for having me! 

About the author:

Lydia Howe (aka Aidyl Ewoh) is a twenty-something adventurous author who is partial to hiking in the mountains of Asia and South America, building life-size models of dinosaurs, taking road trips across Europe, visiting friends in Africa, growing up in a barn and everything in-between. She currently works in a coffee shop during the day and concocts stories by night. Find her online at her  BlogYoutubeFacebook,TwitterGoodreadsInstagram, and Google+ 

Want to grab a copy for yourself now? Great! Head to:

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