A small shift in plans..+ I think I’m a bit more organised now. BEAR WITH ME.

Hi Dreamers!

It honestly feels like so long since I last posted here (even though it’s only been five days..) because I’m usually such an active little alien, constantly reading or writing or thinking or contemplating- you get the gist of it.

I’ve pretty much been on an unplanned hiatus where I spent ‘break time’ filling up my brain with Maths, Science, English and History problems and oh, trying to REMEMBER THEM. 

Thank god that’s over now. I’m not even going to think about year 9. That can stay in the future. 

It’s generally been an okay time though, overall. I know where my priorities usually lie and it was certainly sucky to have to leave blogging for later but I’m glad I put the time and effort into my studies. I’m just GLAD. Glad that I got into a good enough mental frame to revise my material and not freak out on the day. glad. 

All this time off has certainly made me a bit loopy. I mean, look at the stuff I’m saying!

I do feel sort of guilty though as I’ve failed to work on some blogging projects with other people, even though I’ve had bits of spare time. I just couldn’t put together any ideas. I firmly believe that posting shouldn’t just be for the heck of it- you share share something that you’re proud of. And that’s what leads me onto my next point: A blogging schedule. 

Believe it or not, I’m actually excited for this and wondering why I hadn’t bothered to put one together earlier. I just post too much.. too randomly.


So, here’s the plan: I’ll be posting three times per week- two freely themed posts and of course, weekly inspiration. I’m hoping to stick with the schedule below but if I find it doesn’t work for me, I’ll look to change it up again.

Monday: Weekly Inspiration! Because it’s awesome and hey, a perfect cure for those start of the week blues.

This is a regular feature of my blog and one I’ve stuck with since the start because I find it to be very valuable. It’s nice to be able to share joy and peace with others. This post often contains a random image and isn’t strictly quotes. It might look something like this:


(Isn’t this just fabulous?!)


Wednesday: Free posting day- this will be a typical Maryam length post and I will blog about anything I please.

Saturday: Another another free posting day that will probably mirror Wednesday.


ps. infinitelyadaydreamer is on Youtube! As most of you should know, I created a channel about three months ago. I’d love it if you could drop by and if you’re interested, subscribe. I love creating videos and sharing some really cool moments with you all but I do want to know that you’re watching. You can expect a new video every week, so there’s plenty to watch! 😊



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The Wildwood chronicles, book one: ft. procrastination, child eating ivy and creepy mechanical princes. (spoiler alert!)

Image result for the wildwood chronicles books


I mean, this book makes me want to jump in a river and scream hallelujah randomly

like, seriously.

I am sorta what you’d call a fuss pot, or whatever cute name you can conjure (ooh, horror!) up that basically says I am very.. choosy. When it comes to my books, It has to be love at first sight or I will not read it. I WILL NOT READ IT. PERIOD.

**tries to ignore the fact that this ‘rule’ is probably the difference between missing the opportunity to read a very lit books. is sad. cries

Time travel to three weeks earlier and I’m in the library, doing um, bookish things. I was yes, a fuss pot, and wouldn’t agree to coming a week later (read: two weeks earlier) and temporarily forgot about that lovely lil saying I preach. *Delayed gratification all.* 

And I was so out of practice, you hear?! It had been like, yonks since I had last indulged myself in wordy paradise and they no longer stocked any good books.

or maybe I just can’t see.





The time and effort that must’ve gone into this series is pretty unimaginable. 

The illustrations are so quirky and neatly drawn, and really set the scene. In fact, knowing me and my thinking patterns, a little section of my brain told me to borrow the book simply simply for illustrative copying purposes. Because that totally makes sense, doesn’t it?!

Did I mention that the author and illustrator are actual a husband and wife creative bookish/drawer-ish duo? Is that convenient/amazing or what?!

And don’t even get my started on the actual storyline. It was just so magical and crazy and it’s great me listing all the adjectives, isn’t it? Tells you a whole heap. BUT ALSO IT HAD SUCH BIG WORDS WHICH IS WHY IT JUST DON’T FIT ONE AGE GROUP. IT’S AN EVERYBODY BOOK.



A not so brief synopsis of the first book.. (1)

carson ellis illustration | oh wow love carson ellis illustration i didn t know of her work before ...

Slide Show: The Real Inspirations for 'Wildwood' Illustrations | Portland Monthly


Anyway, the series starts off with four humans, a mother, a father, a child bean we’ll refer to as mac, and our heroine, Prue Mckeel. She has a nice, simplistic life but yearns for more.. fate obviously grants that wish and she sets out with dear little Mac in his precious red wagon.. and all was well! (okay, like, the parents actually AGREEING TO THE TAKING OF THEIR KID BY THE OLDER ONE IS A TAD UNREALISTIC BUT IDC)

Until he gets kidnapped by a murder of crows. PLOT TWIST MUCH!

Kidnapped by Crows by Carson Ellis, in "Wildwood" by Meloy and Ellis

I know, I know. So evil!

Prue, being the caring sister she is, wishes she could crawl into a small ball and cry at her loss but she is caring and therefore knows that during this time of need, crying and balling oneself up will not serve a purpose so she hops onto her bicycle and off she goes, the chase beginning. She is soon brought to the Impassable wilderness, where our story takes place.. *cue creepy music*

Now, imagine something Narnia like. That’s sort of the setting of the story, which is, well, 541 pages long and sort of painful but I still love it.

Yeah, so back to what I was saying. Prue is freaking out. LIKE, FULL ON FREAKING OUT.

Image result for freaking out gif disney

And it’s at that moment that our dear bubba Curtis, not really a friend but sort of a friend of Prue + soon to be coyote army child and accidental betrayer, makes himself present but adamantly denies following Prue.

Then he dies, nearly.



Carson Ellis (part of the Wildwoods book I think)

And Prue freaks out.


What comes next is a range of amazing events including but not limited to a blood thirsty, child hungry Dowager Governess, bless her soul, who is also a resident reincarnater and owns baby kidnapping bird creatures. Also talking/fighting/sparring animal villagers and a certain Bandit King, Brendan, who is not highly liked because of his thieving ways. And also magical elders.. *sighs in happiness*

And then there’s just so many crazy happenings! We find out that Prue’s parents were unable to have children, so they went to this blood thirsty, child hungry Dowager Godess, bless her soul, who is also a resident reincarnater and owns baby kidnapping bird creatures at midnight and walked across some creepy bridge and bam!! a couple of weeks later, there was a bun in the oven. 🤗

but of course the catch was that their second child (however they even had that second child because it was like a one child deal or so??) had to be given to the blood thirty child hungry- okay, I’ll shut up.

So yeah.. and the next thing you know, so much has changed. Prue’s parents are so happy to have her home that they sorta don’t even care about their missing son and just care for her safety, which seems mean but also like it’s the best thing to do.

carson ellis illustration | oh wow love carson ellis illustration i didn t know of her work before ...

And also a spongiform. It sounds gross and probably is.






  1. having or denoting a porous structure or consistency resembling that of a sponge.

    “spongiform changes in the cerebral grey matter”




    Cause just in case you don’t believe me, there’s some so gross it’s actually graphic description of thingy in the book. It’s alive and, well, working with the dowager goddess- Alexandra, witchy lady. yep yep.

    And that, in short, is the craziness of the first book in the series- *breathe.*

    carson ellis illustration | oh wow love carson ellis illustration i didn t know of her work before ...

Mm.. so overall, I’d say this was about 4 stars if we’re talking ratings. It was very good with an extremely imaginative and at times, horrifying story line. I seriously it should be classified differently though- as much of a reader as I am, nine year old me would be totally lost.. :/ For the illustrations, a definitive 5/5 star rating doesn’t even do justice! Look how beautiful it all is 😍

Only problem is that it took me ages to actually finish the book because as interesting as it was, it was long and just too much for a sitting.. a hefty 530 or so pages.

carson ellis illustration | oh wow love carson ellis illustration i didn t know of her work before ...

So! Do you like spoilers? duh no do you like me? do you like spongiform? no you need help will you buy the book or the series? will you take months to read it?

Look at me there, talking to myself.

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My watch list: Maybe you’ll find something for you!

Hey dreamers!

I’m currently in the middle of a studying sesh because I’ve got my final exams next week and I believe it’s good to be prepared. aka. I’m busy. (!!)

But I’m such a sweet potato, and that’s why I’m preparing a little post for you all, just until I can get some productive blogging time in, and then, well, your feed will continue to be bombarded by my wordy awesomeness.

You’re welcome.

Basically, these are some really cool videos I’ve come across lately.. I am guilty of starting to watch videos and then ‘coming back later’ but these seemed to hold my attention. See how you go! 😂😂



The first three videos are from Claire Michelle, a vegan Youtuber. She shares her life story and some of the challenges and triumphs she owned along the way.

**special thanks to abby @ seafoming.com for sharing these originally! Go check out her September Watch List. I’m sure you’ll love it just as much as I did!



Anyone ever heard of Dodie? You can find her @ doddleoddle on youtube. She’s a registered quirky cat creature and uses words like friendlings and can I please just adopt that word if that is even possible?!

But yeah, I like her already. Come on, original, aesthetic-y songs are just so pleasing.

check her out for more; https://www.youtube.com/user/doddleoddle


(Oh, what was that? Did somebody say study?)

yeah yeah, bye. 😂

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A word if I may: let’s discuss marriage equality and non conformism. ☪️ 🏳️‍🌈✝️

Islam and Christianity.. the world’s two most followed religions, and surely, for good reason. The most accepted forms of truth, but not without flaw. Sometimes you need to question what you’ve been taught.

The sarcasm is strong with this one

^^ Now, this beautiful little thing above you is pretty much states all the reasons under the sun for hating on the LGBTQ community. Think about it. It looks stupid and sarcastic, but there are people who think like this. If I had a dollar for every time someone answered ‘It’s unnatural’ when asked on their views of those this, I’d be richer than Kim K. Anyway, I’m here for change. 

And also because I refuse to stay voiceless on what is potentially the most argument worthy cause of our times. And the most secret.. it makes me wonder, actually. Nobody shares their votes, especially not on a topic like marriage equality. What do we think will happen? Are we scared of judgement or do want to disagree? A secret vote is the best way to do that.

A bit about me. I believe in Islam, but I find that as a whole, there isn’t acceptance for anything that is considered different OR abnormal. At all. And I wonder about this too? Where do our values come in? Where do we stop and think about what a vote like this could mean for the inclusion of minority groups?

Therefore, I don’t agree with all parts of my religion. I question certain beliefs and take my own stand on them. I am no longer afraid, but I stand tall and proud. Proud to be Islamic, a follower of an Abrahamic religion but also a member of a minority group within. I do not have extreme views on this matter, but I know where, for me, the true sin lays- in how we choose to accept others sexuality. Or show unacceptance, to be frank. Yes, there a places where death is the price you pay to be yourself. And the shame.. some people would rather DIE than be themselves. What does that say about us as a society, as a world? 

Religious freedom plays a big role in our lives- through politics, the way we view the world and the choices we make. If we’re told to stay quiet, we’ll never open our mouths and ears to new possibilities.

If I could vote, I’d say yes because I believe love doesn’t discriminate. It is one of the purest emotions and it doesn’t know complications- gender does not and never has come into it. It’s just us. Over time we kept outdated beliefs and that’s why the stand today. They are easy and we don’t like change.

It’s okay, world. Guess who else hates change? Me. But this is the positive sort. This is what we need.

We’ve all seen the ways we fail at being brothers and sisters to each other. (And I don’t mean this in a literal sibling way!)- We don’t support each other or have the person’s back. We’re in it for ourselves and would rather turn our noses up in disgust if it means with fit in with the norm.

Enough, please. 


Over the past couple of days, I have been really getting into the whole pride spirit. I’m under 18 which means no vote for me, but there are others way to make a difference. I was proud to see others doing their part too, and happy to find out that people I know have voted yes. 😊 I also heard a couple of beautiful songs surrounding same sex relationships and the vote, one of those being ‘Same love’ by Macklemore. It was a rap style song, but very beautiful and the words were deep. I also liked how it was based on his own experiences and his ability to make something out of the pain. It was released in 2013 and due to the upcoming election, fell into first place on music charts once more. Now, it is to be sung at the NRL Grand finals, and I’ve no doubt it’ll attract hate but it warms my heart completely that there are people who will fight for their own and others’ truths. The chorus was by a woman, Mary Lambert, who sings ‘She keeps me warm.’ and does an incredibly moving job, If I might say so myself. There is a full version of the song along with a clip, and it might just become my favourite song. It was just perfect. It wasn’t an overly sexualised and there was no kissing for shock value. It was a perfect depiction of love between two people.

At the end of the day, it’s all the same love.

Think of it as human rights.


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#MyRoadToWellness: Tagged? Participate for motivation to shine, inside and out and enjoy life!

Related image

Hello chicklets! 

I sure hope you’ve got your party pants on, children, because Kimberly Clark sure does!

She has just astounded the blogging world with her fantasticness and now this- she’s released a tag!

*cue confetti pls*


October is more that just a “month” to me anymore. Starting from October 4th, it will be my 1 year anniversary of my Road to Wellness (RTW). Even though I have lived for a while (I’m not stating that I’m old, but I am looking forward to my senior years), it was only my body that lived, not my soul. I didn’t truly enjoy life just because. On my 1 year anniversary, it will be the day when I was on my Road to Wellness, when I started to eventually love my life.

Sounds beautiful aye? Well, all praise to the creator! Let’s go, shall we? xx




1. Thank the person who nominated you.
2. Answer the #MyRTW questions
3. Nominate five other bloggers to participate or leave it open for all! 💗

(I’ll also share Kimberly’s answers below)


What is one thing you are proud of yourself?

What is your favourite thing right now?

Where is the place you can most easily find inner peace? 

What motivates you?

Answers (K)

I guess… that I am appreciative. After last year, I really found out that I am such a lucky girl who has so many people who love her. Honestly, I used to take things for granted, but now, I’m like *yo thanks* 🙂 *I ❤ you all*

School!!! for now. I don’t like the amount of anxiety that comes with it, but it is such a privilege to be able to walk though the lobby door (please refer to Ans. 1)

My rooooooooom. It’s like this safe haven for me. So many laughter, tears, anger, anxiety happened in there, but at the end of the day, it’s the safest place I feel.

Quotes and taking pretty notes.


(Oooh, Kimberly’s notes.. you’re c u t e)


Answers (M) or me, if you couldn’t tell 😂😂

I am proud of the self growth I’ve experienced through the past years. This is very painful self growth, no doubt, but I have evolved and when I look at myself, I can see clearly- it is me.

My favourite thing right now is day trips out. I recently went to Kiama and had a lovely day out. I ended up filming a video too, which you can check out here. Honestly, I’d say it’s doing wonders for my health!

My favourite place for inner peace is definitely outdoors, probably at the beach. Of course, away from the crowds. Towards more secluded, peaceful parts.

I find my motivation in knowing that something greater is to come, whether it be in a day or ten years time. There is a reason and a purpose for everything. Always.



It’s already the end of this post! Wow. Anyway, I feel that as this tag is still pretty new, anybody who wants to do it is most welcome to participate. Drop me a comment down below if you’re going to give this a try and I’ll make sure to check your post out //

and now I should sleep. It’s late. Oops. 😂💤


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Kikki.K and OhDeer: Improving your stationery game forever!

She- I have a doctor_s appointment today but I really don_t want to go… -He- Just call in sick then (1)

A joke a day keeps you young. Laughing keeps you young. This is a lame one but yeah. It’s a joke. 😂

Before we get started, infinitelyadaydreamer has been undergoing some big changes! I’ve fixed up my website design to better reflect my personality (no better way to do that than with cacti 😍) and changed my sign off while also adding new dividers. I’m looking to make my intros more creative too. What are your thoughts? Feel free to share them down below.




Okay, so your girl may have gone a bit overboard and bought the whole store. So what though! SO what!!! Right?! 

Yeah, no.

Usual day for me, I was just out shopping when I happened to come across the lovely Kikki.K store.. I was always sort of vaguely, I don’t know, shocked at the simplicity and cleanliness of the store. It is completely WHITE, LIKE, FALLEN SNOW. (How poetic do I sound right now?!) and is just nice. Typo, which is basically a rival since it is right next it, is well, less scary. It is just weird and quirky and yeah, like me.

Basically, in case your eyes are failing you, I got a pug pen (#dogdays), a roll of patterned paper, which was on the sale rack for a dollar or so, which I personally think is a great steal. IT IS AN EXPENSIVE STORE. Then, some cat and pug bookmarks, one of which I’ll use for my school diary, two journally sort of things (except one is a sentence per day book and the other is a planner) and last of all, a little glass jar with hearts inside. I had this cool idea that I’d read something good inside each one or get my family to help me with it and then when somebody was sad or need help, they could go to the jar.


Image result for google images wow gif


Shocked_ In awe_ Yep, I know it's a good post! (1)

Mm.. so! Thoughts on the post anybody? Would you splurge on fancy stationery or is it a no go? What are your favourite stores and are you a cat or dog fan?

#teamcattyanddoggyforever! 💁