Kikki.K and OhDeer: Improving your stationery game forever!

She- I have a doctor_s appointment today but I really don_t want to go… -He- Just call in sick then (1)

A joke a day keeps you young. Laughing keeps you young. This is a lame one but yeah. It’s a joke. πŸ˜‚

Before we get started, infinitelyadaydreamer has been undergoing some big changes! I’ve fixed up my website design to better reflect my personality (no better way to do that than with cacti 😍) and changed my sign off while also adding new dividers. I’m looking to make my intros more creative too. What are your thoughts? Feel free to share them down below.




Okay, so your girl may have gone a bit overboard and bought the whole store. So what though! SO what!!! Right?!Β 

Yeah, no.

Usual day for me, I was just out shopping when I happened to come across the lovely Kikki.K store.. I was always sort of vaguely, I don’t know, shocked at the simplicity and cleanliness of the store. It is completely WHITE, LIKE, FALLEN SNOW. (How poetic do I sound right now?!) and is just nice. Typo, which is basically a rival since it is right next it, is well, less scary. It is just weird and quirky and yeah, like me.

Basically, in case your eyes are failing you, I got a pug pen (#dogdays), a roll of patterned paper, which was on the sale rack for a dollar or so, which I personally think is a great steal. IT IS AN EXPENSIVE STORE. Then, some cat and pug bookmarks, one of which I’ll use for my school diary, two journally sort of things (except one is aΒ sentence per day book and the other is a planner) and last of all, a little glass jar with hearts inside. I had this cool idea that I’d read something good inside each one or get my family to help me with it and then when somebody was sad or need help, they could go to the jar.


Image result for google images wow gif


Shocked_ In awe_ Yep, I know it's a good post! (1)

Mm.. so! Thoughts on the post anybody? Would you splurge on fancy stationery or is it a no go? What are your favourite stores and are you a cat or dog fan?

#teamcattyanddoggyforever! πŸ’














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