#MyRoadToWellness: Tagged? Participate for motivation to shine, inside and out and enjoy life!


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Hello chicklets! 

I sure hope you’ve got your party pants on, children, because Kimberly Clark sure does!

She has just astounded the blogging world with her fantasticness and now this- she’s released a tag!

*cue confetti pls*


October is more that just a “month” to me anymore. Starting from October 4th, it will be my 1 year anniversary of my Road to Wellness (RTW). Even though I have lived for a while (I’m not stating that I’m old, but I am looking forward to my senior years), it was only my body that lived, not my soul. I didn’t truly enjoy life just because. On my 1 year anniversary, it will be the day when I was on my Road to Wellness, when I started to eventually love my life.

Sounds beautiful aye? Well, all praise to the creator! Let’s go, shall we? xx




1. Thank the person who nominated you.
2. Answer the #MyRTW questions
3. Nominate five other bloggers to participate or leave it open for all! 💗

(I’ll also share Kimberly’s answers below)


What is one thing you are proud of yourself?

What is your favourite thing right now?

Where is the place you can most easily find inner peace? 

What motivates you?

Answers (K)

I guess… that I am appreciative. After last year, I really found out that I am such a lucky girl who has so many people who love her. Honestly, I used to take things for granted, but now, I’m like *yo thanks* 🙂 *I ❤ you all*

School!!! for now. I don’t like the amount of anxiety that comes with it, but it is such a privilege to be able to walk though the lobby door (please refer to Ans. 1)

My rooooooooom. It’s like this safe haven for me. So many laughter, tears, anger, anxiety happened in there, but at the end of the day, it’s the safest place I feel.

Quotes and taking pretty notes.


(Oooh, Kimberly’s notes.. you’re c u t e)



Answers (M) or me, if you couldn’t tell 😂😂

I am proud of the self growth I’ve experienced through the past years. This is very painful self growth, no doubt, but I have evolved and when I look at myself, I can see clearly- it is me.

My favourite thing right now is day trips out. I recently went to Kiama and had a lovely day out. I ended up filming a video too, which you can check out here. Honestly, I’d say it’s doing wonders for my health!

My favourite place for inner peace is definitely outdoors, probably at the beach. Of course, away from the crowds. Towards more secluded, peaceful parts.

I find my motivation in knowing that something greater is to come, whether it be in a day or ten years time. There is a reason and a purpose for everything. Always.



It’s already the end of this post! Wow. Anyway, I feel that as this tag is still pretty new, anybody who wants to do it is most welcome to participate. Drop me a comment down below if you’re going to give this a try and I’ll make sure to check your post out //

and now I should sleep. It’s late. Oops. 😂💤



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