A word if I may: let’s discuss marriage equality and non conformism. ☪️ ðŸ³ï¸â€ðŸŒˆâœï¸


Islam and Christianity.. the world’s two most followed religions, and surely, for good reason. The most accepted forms of truth, but not without flaw. Sometimes you need to question what you’ve been taught.


The sarcasm is strong with this one

^^ Now, this beautiful little thing above you is pretty much states all the reasons under the sun for hating on the LGBTQ community. Think about it. It looks stupid and sarcastic, but there are people who think like this. If I had a dollar for every time someone answered ‘It’s unnatural’ when asked on their views of those this, I’d be richer than Kim K. Anyway, I’m here for change. 

And also because I refuse to stay voiceless on what is potentially the most argument worthy cause of our times. And the most secret.. it makes me wonder, actually. Nobody shares their votes, especially not on a topic like marriage equality. What do we think will happen? Are we scared of judgement or do want to disagree? A secret vote is the best way to do that.

A bit about me. I believe in Islam, but I find that as a whole, there isn’t acceptance for anything that is considered different OR abnormal. At all. And I wonder about this too? Where do our values come in? Where do we stop and think about what a vote like this could mean for the inclusion of minority groups?

Therefore, I don’t agree with all parts of my religion. I question certain beliefs and take my own stand on them. I am no longer afraid, but I stand tall and proud. Proud to be Islamic, a follower of an Abrahamic religion but also a member of a minority group within. I do not have extreme views on this matter, but I know where, for me, the true sin lays- in how we choose to accept others sexuality. Or show unacceptance, to be frank. Yes, there a places where death is the price you pay to be yourself. And the shame.. some people would rather DIE than be themselves. What does that say about us as a society, as a world? 

Religious freedom plays a big role in our lives- through politics, the way we view the world and the choices we make. If we’re told to stay quiet, we’ll never open our mouths and ears to new possibilities.

If I could vote, I’d say yes because I believe love doesn’t discriminate. It is one of the purest emotions and it doesn’t know complications- gender does not and never has come into it. It’s just us. Over time we kept outdated beliefs and that’s why the stand today. They are easy and we don’t like change.

It’s okay, world. Guess who else hates change? Me. But this is the positive sort. This is what we need.

We’ve all seen the ways we fail at being brothers and sisters to each other. (And I don’t mean this in a literal sibling way!)- We don’t support each other or have the person’s back. We’re in it for ourselves and would rather turn our noses up in disgust if it means with fit in with the norm.

Enough, please. 


Over the past couple of days, I have been really getting into the whole pride spirit. I’m under 18 which means no vote for me, but there are others way to make a difference. I was proud to see others doing their part too, and happy to find out that people I know have voted yes. 😊 I also heard a couple of beautiful songs surrounding same sex relationships and the vote, one of those being ‘Same love’ by Macklemore. It was a rap style song, but very beautiful and the words were deep. I also liked how it was based on his own experiences and his ability to make something out of the pain. It was released in 2013 and due to the upcoming election, fell into first place on music charts once more. Now, it is to be sung at the NRL Grand finals, and I’ve no doubt it’ll attract hate but it warms my heart completely that there are people who will fight for their own and others’ truths. The chorus was by a woman, Mary Lambert, who sings ‘She keeps me warm.’ and does an incredibly moving job, If I might say so myself. There is a full version of the song along with a clip, and it might just become my favourite song. It was just perfect. It wasn’t an overly sexualised and there was no kissing for shock value. It was a perfect depiction of love between two people.

At the end of the day, it’s all the same love.

Think of it as human rights.



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4 thoughts on “A word if I may: let’s discuss marriage equality and non conformism. ☪️ ðŸ³ï¸â€ðŸŒˆâœï¸”

  1. LOVE THAT INFOGRAPHIC! Personally I’m very for gay marriage because . . . I just don’t get why you wouldn’t be. I honestly don’t get why it’s such a big deal to people; what on earth is wrong with people being a different sexual orientation to you? In what way does it effect you UNLESS YOU GO STICKING YOUR NOSE IN? Confuses me! Love this post xx


    1. Oh my god yes! I feel like this post is pretty much a bunch of all the most touchy subjects ever to be but I’m glad I posted it! Damn right I support gay marriage. At the end of the day, love is love. It’s great to know that other people agree with me!


  2. Love the post!! It’s kind of sad it’s necessary to make a post about it, and people don’t just understand it as common sense! I support gay marriage all the way and I feel others should start too! We need more people like you!! Amazing post❤



    1. Thank you so much! It’s definitely a very controversial subject but I really needed the word to get out there. The greatest revolution will be when love of every sort wins. People grow though, they change. I wonder what the future will hold.. ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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