A small shift in plans..+ I think I’m a bit more organised now. BEAR WITH ME.

Hi Dreamers!

It honestly feels like so long since I last posted here (even though it’s only been five days..) because I’m usually such an active little alien, constantly reading or writing or thinking or contemplating- you get the gist of it.

I’ve pretty much been on an unplanned hiatus where I spent ‘break time’ filling up my brain with Maths, Science, English and History problems and oh, trying to REMEMBER THEM.Β 

Thank god that’s over now. I’m not even going to think about year 9. That can stay in the future.Β 

It’s generally been an okay time though, overall. I know where my priorities usually lie and it was certainly sucky to have to leave blogging for later but I’m glad I put the time and effort into my studies. I’m just GLAD. Glad that I got into a good enough mental frame to revise my material and not freak out on the day. glad.Β 

All this time off has certainly made me a bit loopy. I mean, look at the stuff I’m saying!

I do feel sort of guilty though as I’ve failed to work on some blogging projects with other people, even though I’ve had bits of spare time. I just couldn’t put together any ideas. I firmly believe that posting shouldn’t just be for the heck of it- you share share something that you’re proud of. And that’s what leads me onto my next point: A blogging schedule.Β 

Believe it or not, I’m actually excited for this and wondering why I hadn’t bothered to put one together earlier. I just post too much.. too randomly.


So, here’s the plan: I’ll be posting three times per week- two freely themed posts and of course, weekly inspiration. I’m hoping to stick with the schedule below but if I find it doesn’t work for me, I’ll look to change it up again.

Monday: Weekly Inspiration! Because it’s awesome and hey, a perfect cure for those start of the week blues.

This is a regular feature of my blog and one I’ve stuck with since the start because I find it to be very valuable. It’s nice to be able to share joy and peace with others. This post often contains a random image and isn’t strictly quotes. It might look something like this:


(Isn’t this just fabulous?!)


Wednesday: Free posting day- this will be a typical Maryam length post and I will blog about anything I please.

Saturday: Another another free posting day that will probably mirror Wednesday.


ps. infinitelyadaydreamer is on Youtube! As most of you should know, I created a channel about three months ago. I’d love it if you could drop by and if you’re interested, subscribe. I love creating videos and sharing some really cool moments with you all but I do want to know that you’re watching. You can expect a new video every week, so there’s plenty to watch! 😊



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