an interview with kathryn antle- what’s your life story?

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Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing my good friend kathryn on her life story.  She and her family swap everyday life for travelling the world. Imagine being constantly on the move!

I’d like to thank her for agreeing to this interview- it’s been absolutely amazing to hear about what travelling so much has been like for you and even better to be able to share your story.


You can find her at:


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1- Hi, I’m Kathryn and I’m 14. I was born in Florida and I grew up with my older sister Izabel and my two younger sisters Lauren and Rachael and my amazing parents. We lived in many states and we moved a lot. But when I was 8 years old we moved to Colorado and lived with my aunt and uncle until we found an apartment and settled into the longest home I would ever have. We lived in Louisville, Colorado for 7 great years, but always went on road trips around the US, but in 2015 we did something pretty different. We went on a road trip to Canada, then flew to Hawaii, and then Japan. It was the first time we had ever been out of the country. We loved it. So in early 2016 we sold our things in exchange for backpacks and made the world our lovely home. We volunteer and rent apartments, take local buses and trains and sometimes cheap flights. So far we have traveled to over 20 countries and it has almost been 2 years. We do our school work on free sites like Khan Academy and CK12, and we have no plans on going back yet. The world is a playground for the adventurous.

2- What are five facts about you that you’d like to share?

 I love drawing and painting. I really like coding and web design. I’m super fond of plants. I like to write poetry.. Oh, and I love animals!

 3- Favorite place you’ve been so far? Share a funny story!

I had a hard time deciding my favorite place because I have seen so many beautiful cities and towns that each have their own treasures. In Denmark, my family and I volunteered at a ceramics workshop and helped with a conference that was going on at the time. Denmark itself is a very beautiful country- the man who owned the workshop took us on a trip to Skagen which I have to say, is my favorite town. We went in October 2016, so it was very quiet and there weren’t many tourists. I loved that the buildings are painted yellow. Also, it is where the Skagerrak and Kattegat seas meet merging together the two shades of blue. But my most favorite part was visiting the Skagen art museum. The art was incredibly beautiful.

A funny Story: In Thailand, we were volunteering at a school in a small town called Uttaradit. Because the local people had not seen tourists unless they were in movies, they were so surprised to see us. My family is quite big, and because we don’t have a car, we walk everywhere, so it makes sense that the Thai people would call us the “duckling” family 🙂  Also, in multiple instances, stray dogs would also follow us around and join our “pack”.

4- What are your biggest dreams and aspirations in life?

I dream of having a purposeful life and help many people. I would like to improve my art and writing. Maybe even open a cafe. I would like to be surrounded by amazing, intelligent people and be with my loving family.

5- Do you have any weird quirks?

I make up lots of random words that nobody understands. I like to collect lots of small things for my journal. I can’t help but drop my shoes and walk around barefoot. No cat has ever crossed my path that has not been pet.

6- What issues do you feel really passionate about?

-Climate change, human rights, world poverty and education.





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