Stories through poetry~

Hi everybody!

I apologise for not having a blog post published earlier for you, but it’s my birthday weekend [quite busy, highly chaotic, a very good adventure] and I just haven’t found the time. When I got back from school on Friday, the only thing I wanted to do was rest- even though I’ve been sick for the three days out of the five day school week, it’s the lead up to the end year holidays, and there’s more going on than I can keep up with.

My plans for today are fairly simple. I’m with my dad and brother because my mum is at my grandparents house in the โ›ฐ trying to get some work done. We’re going to find a nice park or ๐Ÿ– area to enjoy the day in, and then we’ll eat out- current plan is a Lebanese restaurant- and get ๐Ÿฉ after!

Anyway, that’s enough about me..

I’ve been wanting to share some poetry that I wrote with all of you.


The first is from a while back, inspired by the lovely book ‘Where Dandelions Grow’ by Lydia Howe. My aim when writing this poem was to explore the theme of beauty and growth in the everyday world, and give an insight into just how imperfectly perfect yet curated nature is.


Tell me weeds aren’t of value

Thriving on the heat of a warm bountiful sun

legging it through winter,

a small bud quivering in the cold

Blossoming during the seasons of change

Time a sculptor

of unnoticed



My second poem is about yearning for new experiences and the unexpected. “Taking up space.” For instance, has negative connotations, but not in this instance. I’ve been feeling restless, I guess, lately. Eager to be in so many different places and leave parts of myself in those places, but still be whole.


My heart yearns

To take up space

Longing in every beat

To Fill every inch of unexplored world


Divide and conquer


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6 thoughts on “Stories through poetry~”

  1. Oh my life this was yet again, beautiful. You have a budding writer inside of you, thank you so much for finding my blog. I’m another one of those people who will stick around you forever! Haha.
    Erin, xx


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