Lost and Found: A recognition tag by me πŸ˜Š

Hello my lovelies!

I’m working on this post in the car as I’m heading to Melbourne for the week with my brother and dad.

Road trip, if you may!

I’ve been wanting to do something special for my 200th follower celebration as I didn’t really get around to anything when I hit a hundred. And so I was thinking.. why not create my own tag!



β€’ Thank your nominee and the original creator of the tag. πŸ™‚

β€’ Before you participate, insert the following text somewhere in your post by means of explanation!

I’ve talked about my self discovery journey on this blog before, but never in any of the depth I’d have liked to.. and that’s what I’d like to do in creating this tag. Get myself, and others, to think about how far we’ve come; our journey. We all have goals, and even though we don’t always feel like we’re enough, we’ve achieved so much in our lives! What we had then, we’ve built upon. Every minute, every second. That’s the transformation. All the life changing events, all the little moments. The jokes and laughter, the love and friendship, the tears, the moments where we fall apart? That’s what we’re made of. That’s what fills our holes and voids. The truth: that we are more than worth it, and any healing we may need- that’s our beautiful healing. I’ve seen this firsthand in my own life: all our bottled up feelings, all that pain we don’t speak of, that can translate into so much positive change, when our hearts are in the right place. There’s so many miracles everywhere we look. Go on, honestly. Look. You may not see anything at first, because it’s what you’d call ordinary.. but that’s where true happiness is found: when we appreciate the little workings of our everyday lives.

β€’ Answer the following six (combo πŸ˜‚) questions:

1 β€’ Do you believe in New Years Resolutions? If so, do you find you stick to them well and achieve your goals? Do they motivate you to make change for yourself, or to please others?

2 β€’ [this relates to the previous question!] When you work towards your goals, do you find yourself sticking to an exact plan, or do you let go a bit and allow circumstances to happen? If so, have you experienced anything you’d call an unplanned achievement along the way?

3 β€’ When you were a child/teen (answer depending on your current age, or whatever you prefer!), did you have a life plan for yourself? How did other people/ the media/ society cause you to adjust those plans?

4 β€’ Are there any movements or rights (marriage equality etc.) that you believe in and have opinions on? Share some.

5 β€’ What are your thoughts on stereotypes? In what ways do you think the world would be different if such a thing was nonexistent? Do you think stereotypes are helpful in any way?

6 β€’ You live in a Dystopian world where after a certain age, when you begin to understand the effects of your words and actions, you are charged for any expression, even something as small as a shrug. Everything is copyrighted, patented or trademarked. If you fall into debt, you are sent for collection. Who would benefit from rules like this, and why might there be such a protocol in the first place?

β€’ Give a free nomination to anybody who’s interested! This tag is open to all x

β€’ Have a great dayΒ πŸ’•πŸ’•


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