Me from A-Z πŸ™‚

Hi there!

I actually saw this idea online. Someone has used it as part of a journaling prompt and i thought it would be cool to make my own. I used canva to make this, taking advantage of all the nice fonts and using a pretty border I downloaded to decorate it. It was a freebie from Lisa Glanz, who has a websiteΒ that you can find here!




I’d definitely recommend making one of your own! It’s all creative work, but if you prefer to take it up a notch, get out your supplies and do it the good old fashioned way with pens, textas, paper and anything else you can think of.Β  πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

Anyone who knows me knows that I love words.. and anything else creative. It’s so much fun, great for your health, and it’s also very personal and unique! We often have an idea of what we’re like, a bit of this, bit of that, but how often do we lump all that awesomeness all together into one pretty picture?

I’d love to see yours if you try this!



PS. I challenge you to do something self love related.. today, I bought myself a small bunch of flowers from a florist in Parramatta!


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