Getting older~ ramblings from a busy brain.

Hi everybody!

Today’s post will be fairly short as I just started school for the year, and am still trying to get into the swing of things without adding long, complicated, blog posts that take me five years to plan into the equation. πŸ˜‚


The other day:

Today I went to Ikea to get some plants and bedroom furnishings. Mum suggested we go into the entrance, instead of the exit, even though the plants I needed were all the way over the other side. I’m not sure why, but it was odd. The place was utterly captivating, as usual- hands down, one of my favourite stores.. it’s such fun!- but It felt so tiny, whereas a mere two months ago, it seemed like the twisting pathways would never end.

Problem: You get bigger.. and everything else feels smaller.

And that’s pretty scary.


Also the other day. All 53 days of the holidays that are just gone, actually:

“I swear to all things good and holy, time is speeding up. Yes, I know I’m getting older, but seriously, a freaking stopwatch wouldn’t hurt! I just want to pause time for a bit, pleeease?”

I mean, it feels like I’ve just walked out the school gate, and now I’m back in it. Even two months of school doesn’t pass this fast, and let’s be honest, school goes just like that! I remember being in Year Seven. I remember being freaked out and needing help with my locker. I remember thinking that I’ll never get used to it, but one day I stopped wanting to go back to primary, and that was that!

And this isn’t just a whinge about getting old. This is a whinge because everything seems out of whack, and honestly, if this is what growing up is like, don’t sign me up. Not that I ever actually wanted to be older, though. In fact, each year, I feel like the age I’m turning is so old and I’ll never get used to it, but then it just becomes normal.

Problem: Becoming accustomed to your life slipping away in a small grain of sand between your fingers like manner.


In conclusion, growing up is a trap. Donut go there. I repeat, donut.. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

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21 thoughts on “Getting older~ ramblings from a busy brain.”

  1. I completely agree with you! I am feeling so similar having come out of Year 7 and kapow! πŸ’₯πŸ’₯ next year of school is moping on ahead πŸ˜• hoping you have a good 2018! clover xo


  2. Oh wow! I feel really similar. A ton of the new blog posts I’ve just read are about growing up, and… I see the theme coming through as β€˜it’s terrible’. I’ve never wanted to grow up, but it has to happen sometimes.
    Great post! Take care,
    Erin xx


    1. So true Erin! This doesn’t quite fit with what I’m saying here, but a quote from my favourite movie, The Little Prince sorta says it all: ‘Growing up is not the problem, forgetting is.” That really speaks to me, because if I have to grow up, I hope I’ll stay young at heart. Thank you! xx

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      1. Aww, wow! Loving the quote! Oh right, yeah. I understand. Cool still though, I’m probably staying young at heart. Everyone has there inner child somewhere! Thanks, Erin xx


      2. That’s great! It definitely resonates with me and I’m so happy it’s doing something for you too x I think growing up is fine, just don’t abandon being a child. We all need a bit of a playful spirit in us, no matter how old we get! hugs x

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