I’ve written a book! You should read it!

Hey there dreamers 💓


I have some super duper exciting news for you!

Borders-03As you may know, I participated in NaNo last year. And I broke the rules. I chose my own word limit (which I technically can do as I’m under 18) and I wrote the story in three months, not one. But who cares? It’s a novel.

Last year sometime, I wrote a review in exchange for an online copy of a book. (Where Dandelions Grow by Hailey Hudson) and I didn’t realise it, but it’s a great way to sort of give and get. Today’s post is me asking you if you’d like the same opportunity. Some of my friends already have copies of my book, but I’m yet to extend the offer to Instagram and over here, so I’m now getting to that.

I’m particularly proud of this novel because of how meaningful it is. I wanted to write something that talked about the things people and society don’t want to say. I wanted to talk about the LGBTQ community, domestic violence, racial inequality, the all lives matter movement. It’s so important to me. I hope it’s important to you too.


If you’re interested, just leave a comment down below or email me at: mvaseer@rjas.nsw.edu.au


Thank you! ❤

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Barakah- making it enough 💌

I’ve wanted to do this post for a while, but lately, it hasn’t been calling me.

On this lovely Wednesday morning, however, the ideas are slowly flowing and I’m eager to share.


In my religion, we have a concept called Barakah, which is defined as a continual spiritual presence and revelation that begins with God and flows through what is close to God. Barakah can be found within physical objects, places and people, if God wills.

It’s also a name. In this case, it’d mean something along the lines of good fortune, blessings and prosperity.


My understanding of this concept is deep, but not overly so. Barakah is basically the Islamic definition of Productivity. We all know what that means, right? And it’s a great thing.

For example, I had a great day yesterday. It was so *productive*. 

I started and finished an assessment, finished off some school work and homework, worked a bit on my visual arts journal and creative journal, put away some clothes and made sure everything was neatly folded, and then had the time to enjoy a nice dinner and watch a bit of Netflix, as well as have some time to check my social media.

And others days? I get nothing done. Sure, I binge on amazing netflix shows, but hell no! That is NOT a great way to spend your time.

Honestly, at this point, Barakah is what everybody’s looking for.

Let’s go, more examples:

Say you had a solid ten hours of sleep one night, but when you wake up, it feels like you’ve had two.

That’s an example of a lack of Barakah. Because there’s nothing in it. It doesn’t give you anything, but it could.

Or.. you could get four hours of sleep, and wake up feeling rested. Do you see the difference? Of course, they’re slightly extreme examples, but I’m trying to illustrate a point.


As I’m writing this post, I’m scrolling through articles online, trying to further my own understanding.

A well known religious scholar described this as being

“Barakah is the attachment of Divine goodness to a thing, so if it occurs in something little, it increases it. And if it occurs in something much it benefits. And the greatest fruits of Barakah in all things is to use it in the obedience of God.”


While I am able to explain this simply, I could potentially go a bit more in depth, because we haven’t even gotten to the point yet.

In the first definition I shared, I talked about continuity.

You know when it rains, and it keeps on going? Yes, like that.

Or, for better engagement, I’ll talk a bit about where I’ve seen this fantastic concept in my own life.

I am very proud of my Instagram account.

I don’t obsess over it, but it makes me happy to see the follower count go up.

Recently, I got a huge influx of followers. I’m talking about two each minute. It was crazy. But I was scared of the crash around the corner. I had just hit 3.2 thousand followers, and I wanted to keep gaining, not lose any.. but, unfortunately, a lot of those followers did go, and for a while, I couldn’t get any back! They were scammers, but that’s beside the point. There was zero Barakah in those followers I gained. They did not last. But other times, I gain followers at quite a fast rate, and they stick around. Like now! Currently going through one of those good periods. 😅


To sum this lovely post up, I’ll give you the good news: this is highly achievable. It’s not really treasure, but right under our noses. With good deeds and the right intentions, as well as him on our side, we can make it enough.


What are your thoughts on this post? Can you apply this concept to your life? Is it already occurring, and you’re just realising it now? Share with me in the comments!

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A piece on Animal Testing.

Hi everybody!

Not too long ago, me and Erin from Kitty Jade Blog started heading towards a collaboration. Now, this is long awaited. I feel like we’ve been sitting on this idea for years. Like ducks. Sitting ducks. Whatever. 

Anyway, today’s focus is on animal testing. Me and Erin hope to open your eyes a little wider to the reality of what some of our most innocent creatures are subjected to in the name of science. Because if you put a fancy label on it, you can get away with murder.

Let’s head towards the love.

[note. My part is in pink, Erin’s is in yellow.]


I could think of a billion reasons why I’m against animal testing. 

To really understand this issue, we need to go to the root of the problem. 

What’s that?

That is the basis of all destruction. 

The belief that others aren’t worthy of the same treatment, the same respect and care that we, as people, expect. 

And that is why companies go ahead with their cruel experiments. Because to them, it is nothing. 

Hitler. The concentration camps. 

Yes, it’s happening again. 

That’s what we are like, to them.

Or am I using too extreme an example?

Animals are like us. Exactly like us. 

Let’s not be the people we’re afraid of.


I am a vegetarian. 

For me, for the animals, for love. 

When I found better sustenance, my eyes were truly opened to every aspect of this lifestyle.

I couldn’t be a willing participant in the pain of this world’s most innocent, so I simply stopped. 

I threw away all my makeup, and vowed never to buy brands that supported animal testing again.

Vegetarianism is honestly so much more than cutting out meat. 

It’s about going to bed with a clear conscience.

Knowing you are doing right.

All life clings to life.

There’s nothing but hate in animal testing.

Why is it that we all say that we are against it in this argument yet it isn’t enough to persuade the big brands?

I believe in equal rights; the same goes for animals.

We are animals, we live on earth, we have a purpose.

So do they.

Before humans, all that animals had to do was to reproduce and bring up their offspring.

Yet we have made one of the biggest impacts on the world and we aren’t here to just keep the race living.


We are here to leave a special footprint.

That’s not where we are going with animal testing. No way.

So consider your choices.

Go out there and make a good impact. Never go back to being inconsiderate.

Little things like putting sauce on chips can make a massive difference. If you didn’t add sauce, your parents might’ve brought up a different conversation. You could’ve not started to draw passionately, who knows? But it makes a difference.


While I’m not enclosing pictures, I invite you to take a look at the following link. I’ve no doubt it’ll spark thought in your mind, and even admiration!

a ‘real life’ example.



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Versatile Blogger Award + Happy Valentine’s Day!

ave the date (1)

Hello Dreamers!

Happy Wednesday, and Happy Valentine’s day!

I may be at school, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t declaring their love for each other.. during recess, there was a loud scream and about a million people all rushed to the canteen area. When I heard all the commotion, I ran over, and just in time! Nobody proposed, but somebody got a plant 😂 yes, a plant. It was so cute!

What are your plans for this special day? 🙂

For me, personally, this is also a day about celebrating all the relationships I have, even though they aren’t romantic. x


Anyway, onto the post!

I’ve been nominated to do the Versatile Blogger Award by a good friend, Molly.

I’d like to thank her for providing me with today’s post, and of course, for being so lovely! mwah xx

-Thank the person who gave you this award.
-Include a link to their blog.
-Select 15 blogs/bloggers that you've recently discovered or follow regularly.
Nominate those 15 bloggers for the VBA.
Finally, tell the person who nominated you seven things about yourself.


Seven Facts about me:

1. I’m 5’5. Sort of tall, sort of not. 😁

2. My favourite colours are Aqua, Rose gold, and Marigold.

3. I have a poetry notebook. Once I finish it, I’m going to turn it into a book.. my second book, how exciting!

[To all my readers: I wrote a book. And I’ll soon be writing a very exciting post on it.. wait for it!]

4. I really want to travel to Venice. My mum might be going this year with her dance school, and I must say, I’m get major FOMO just thinking about it!

5. I’m about to release a collab post on Friday with a mystery blogger.. on a very important topic that is quite close to my heart. 😉

6. My new favourite snack is avocado and fetta toast with olive oil. 😋

7. I love everything with pom poms and tassels!


My Nominations:

Leaving this one open, lovelies!

If you’d like to participate, I’d be more than happy for you to. 🙂


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Listen up neat freaks: you’re actually pretty messy.

I know.

The. title. sounds. really confronting.

and. a. bit. rude.

But hear me out!

I do not talk for no reason.

My words have meaning.



Okay, maybe not those words. 😂

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a couple of days, and now the time has finally come. It’s 7:47 pm and I’ve spent the day at home as I was feeling a little under the weather today. I had my school swimming carnival yesterday, and apparently it was something in the water.. that I didn’t swim in.

Mysterious, right?

But what’s even more mysterious is why, despite factors like the time being creepily close to the witching hour, and sleep calling, and uh, just about everything, I choose to do things like clean my room. Thoroughly clean! Regularly.

I don’t mean, throw your crap under the bed clean. Because that isn’t clean. I mean throw your stuff away clean. Go about minimalising your room until 3 am. When you’ve just come back from Melbourne, ie: sat in a darn car for twelve hours.

[Don’t worry. I’m not doing any of this right now.. it’s just well, recent events.]

And I’ve been thinking about it, and even for a while, consider the possibility that I might have OCD. I don’t, fortunately. I watched a video on what it would be like, and while I don’t consider the source to be 100% reliable, watching it, was well, so frustrating. I wanted to scream and kick my head in because it felt like I was going to faint from how repetitive and exhausting it was. I can’t imagine experiencing the real thing, and I don’t want to. So, what do  I call myself?

A neat freak.

Yes, I am your stereotypical ‘must be tidy, must be perfect’ human.

And it’s good sometimes. The less clutter I have around me, the better I feel. The happier my mind is. That doesn’t make it any less exhausting though, seriously. I often feel simultaneously horrified and amused by my apparent inability to laze around in mess and actually function. Sure, my neatness only extends to my room, and belongings, so it’s not like, full time freaky, but it’s there. My mum wishes it was a bit more far reaching though, so I’d obsessively feel like cleaning the whole house.

Be careful what you wish for, because I’m sure you’d take it back if it ever was to happen!


Haha, I just googled ‘neat freak problems #101’ in google images. I was hoping I’d get results like if I was to google ‘teenager problems’. Has anyone ever googled those? 😂😂


On a more serious note, I know where there compulsions come from.

I have a serious perfectionist streak.

For instance, I cried last year when I got 72% in my yearly science test. I had done well, but just missed the point of one page, and lost a few marks here and there. When I found out that most people had done a bit better, I freaked out and started sobbing. Everybody saw. My friends were sympathetic and lovely, and my then boyfriend raced out of his seat and practically turned into Mr Perfect. And then there were the other times, when I got really good, and sometimes, even perfect scores, or did well enough to satisfy myself. Like, today. I did some painting for my journal and loved how it ended up, but I spent a while yesterday mentally freaking out over how badly I’d done on the previous journal page.

Over the years, I’ve been through a lot of things that all came back to my one desire to have it all figured out. Depression, body image issues. Lots and lots of things. I’m a lot better now, and grateful that I have some clue as to what I need to do to stop feeling like this, but unfortunately, some of it is in my DNA.

And the rest, maybe that can be equated to triggers.

Not too long ago, I got some sort of minor dermatitis, and ever since then, I’ve started washing my hands more and generally being more cautious about what I touch and come into contact with. Consciously.

When we’re made aware of something that we don’t want, we’re more likely to try and do everything in our power to avoid it. Whether that’s spending time studying for a test or risking failure [What defines ‘failure’, anyway?] or staying out of the rain should we decide not to risk a cold. [You can’t stop me from going out in the rain, by the way, nan. Yes, I did that today. 😂]


Anyway. Are you a neat freak? Do you agree with what I’m saying here, or did I confuse the heck out of you? I sure hope not, because this is a messy enough topic without me being confusing. Nevermind. Just talk to me in the comments! Let me know I’m not alone! Hugs x


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The War on Fashion: a lesson in worth.




The fashion industry is one of the most taxing and destructive fields there ever has been.

Did you know that, second to oil pollution, it’s the highest source of environmental contamination?


The fashion industry is all about exploitation. There is not a single person who goes unscathed in the process of making and selling articles of clothing.


Let’s start with the farmers who produce the cotton.

In places like Bangladesh, (the key word here is ‘cheap’.) farmers are often working in already challenging environments. Unpredictable, dangerous weather subjects a person’s lifework to being destroyed by floods, or freak storms.

Oh, and there’s the genetically modified seed component too. Designed to resist pests that affect the growth and quality of cotton crops, they veer on the pricier side. Combine that with other related factors, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Crippling debt is one of the reasons many farmers take their own lives.

Suppose none of that happens, well, there’s still the pesticides that need to be sprayed on the crops. Dangerous chemicals that are known for causing a wide array of illness- mental, physical. This includes birth defects in unborn babies.

Sometimes the government decides to take away land too.

And then it comes time to talk about what these people actually get back for all the work they’re putting in:


practically nothing.



You’ve got your fabric.

Who makes your clothes?

The poorest and most disadvantaged people.

The fashion industry is built on greed, too. It’s practically a principal.

Picture the richest people you can. Filthy rich. They don’t care about how they get their money. They just care about ending up wealthier at the end of the day, and having to spend the least amount possible on clothing production, which is often done in bulk.

So, they go to the most disadvantaged parts of the world to make the clothes they sell, because they know they’ll pay the least. Not all countries have minimum wages, and not all have workers rights. Some places are so dirt poor that they’ll take on any business offered, even though they know it’s not worth it. They just can’t afford not to.

Workers are treated horribly, and spent many hours each day in unsafe working conditions. Some garment factories even built illegal extra floors on top of buildings that are unable to support the extra weight. Take the Rana Plaza tragedy as an example. The day of the collapse, workers reported cracks in the building, but were forced to stay and work. I’m not sure what kept them there, but I’ve no doubt they were probably threatened with losing their jobs. That same day, over a 1000 people ended up dead.

This is proof of what a ruthless, cruel industry fashion is.

There is no choice whatsoever.

Even the people who seem to have power in these situations, like the managers of the building, most likely were as hopeless as the workers.

The average wage of a Bangladeshi garment factory worker is around 21 cents per hour. Compare that to a job at McDonalds, where a teenage employee earns a little over 10$ an hour. Times that by four and you’ve got the average amount that a worker earns in a month.

Not good enough.


And then we come to the fashion industry, who have their own little tricks.

Fast fashion.

Clothes so cheap that we can throw them away without thinking twice.

This allows new clothes to constantly grace stores, turning people in mindless consumers that turns to materialism for that happy boost.

But what a lie that is.

Have things ever made you happy?


Or at least, it doesn’t last. You’ve got to love it for a bit, and then it turns into just another belonging. So you buy more.

Cheap clothing is another thing we seem to love, but that’s a trap in itself. In purchasing such items, slave labour is supported and we don’t end up owning anything that lasts or has true value to us.

So you buy more.



Now, onto my next point:

The models in this industry.

Or the clothes hangers. You choose.

Did you read the last statistic amongst the photos above?

These people are also getting hurt.

Society is a bit of a tricky bastard. Everything that it criticises it also idolises.

The mental and physical health of models is so overlooked. And here’s where greed factors in again. The people at the top don’t care about the cost. Even if that cost is human.

Are you suprised at how un-glamorous the fashion industry really is? Because I know I am.

I’m not sure about you, but this is something I will not support. We need change, and lots of it. I’m calling on the people with status, the people who can initiate big change, but also people like you and me. People who care enough to stand up and speak like their very own life was dependant on it.

I refuse to wear the blood, sweat and tears of another person.



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