I’ve wanted to do this post for a while, but lately, it hasn’t been calling me.

On this lovely Wednesday morning, however, the ideas are slowly flowing and I’m eager to share.



In my religion, we have a concept called Barakah, which is defined as a continual spiritual presence and revelation that begins with God and flows through what is close to God. Barakah can be found within physical objects, places and people, if God wills.

It’s also a name. In this case, it’d mean something along the lines of good fortune, blessings and prosperity.


My understanding of this concept is deep, but not overly so. Barakah is basically the Islamic definition of Productivity. We all know what that means, right? And it’s a great thing.

For example, I had a great day yesterday. It was so *productive*. 

I started and finished an assessment, finished off some school work and homework, worked a bit on my visual arts journal and creative journal, put away some clothes and made sure everything was neatly folded, and then had the time to enjoy a nice dinner and watch a bit of Netflix, as well as have some time to check my social media.

And others days? I get nothing done. Sure, I binge on amazing netflix shows, but hell no! That is NOT a great way to spend your time.

Honestly, at this point, Barakah is what everybody’s looking for.

Let’s go, more examples:

Say you had a solid ten hours of sleep one night, but when you wake up, it feels like you’ve had two.

That’s an example of a lack of Barakah. Because there’s nothing in it. It doesn’t give you anything, but it could.

Or.. you could get four hours of sleep, and wake up feeling rested. Do you see the difference? Of course, they’re slightly extreme examples, but I’m trying to illustrate a point.



As I’m writing this post, I’m scrolling through articles online, trying to further my own understanding.

A well known religious scholar described this as being:

“Barakah is the attachment of Divine goodness to a thing, so if it occurs in something little, it increases it. And if it occurs in something much it benefits. And the greatest fruits of Barakah in all things is to use it in the obedience of God.”


While I am able to explain this simply, I could potentially go a bit more in depth, because we haven’t even gotten to the point yet.

In the first definition I shared, I talked about continuity.

You know when it rains, and it keeps on going? Yes, like that.

Or, for better engagement, I’ll talk a bit about where I’ve seen this fantastic concept in my own life.

I am very proud of my Instagram account.

I don’t obsess over it, but it makes me happy to see the follower count go up.

Recently, I got a huge influx of followers. I’m talking about two each minute. It was crazy. But I was scared of the crash around the corner. I had just hit 3.2 thousand followers, and I wanted to keep gaining, not lose any.. but, unfortunately, a lot of those followers did go, and for a while, I couldn’t get any back! They were scammers, but that’s beside the point. There was zero Barakah in those followers I gained. They did not last. But other times, I gain followers at quite a fast rate, and they stick around. Like now! Currently going through one of those good periods. 😅


To sum this lovely post up, I’ll give you the good news: this is highly achievable. It’s not really treasure, but right under our noses. With good deeds and the right intentions, as well as him on our side, we can make it enough.

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7 thoughts on “barakah

  1. This is so informative and educational. As someone who has only been directly exposed to Christianity, I find it so interesting. Thank you for making this post, I honestly love it.

    xx Laura


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