Come Swim: Haunting and lovely, except there’s nothing lovely about it



I heard about this short film a while back, and then, again today, in a post by Abby Strangward over @ sea foaming. You should check that post out too.


This short film was a stellar example of how quickly our fears can turn into monsters. Except there’s no monsters, not under our beds, or even in our heads. There’s just us, and the way our minds turn against our bodies. There’s no harmony in this depiction. One man, at war with himself.

Just go under water, and inhale. It’ll feel great.

Don’t pull me under.. don’t pull me under.

Reliance, fight, submission. You cannot win in this way. It does sometimes feel, with depression and anxiety, like trying to parch year old thirst. There are ways to keep certain feelings at bay, using methods that bring other ‘monsters’ out of hiding.

It’s hard to breathe when you’re underwater.


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