button poetry

Happy Wednesday!


I’ll be honest.. It’s been four years since I first started blogging, and not once have I ever run out of post ideas.

Okay, that might not be true.

But generally, I have some good ideas!

Like this. This is one hell of a good post baby.


I hope you’re on the lookout for some channel recommendations, because I’m about to share one.

Button Poetry.

There is a certain beauty to spoken word poetry. The ability to turn the bad into good; the nothingness into art. Spoken word poetry will spill out of your lips like milk and honey, and it will make you so uncomfortable, but in a very comfortable way.


Button poetry is about the elephant in the room; the things you’d rather ignore but can’t, because they are numerous and commanding and much, much bigger than you or I.

Button poetry is about the beautiful [and ugly] things that happen when we are alone, inside our brains.

Button poetry is about you, and me, and the way we relate to the world.

The way we can breathe life into our words.

Step back, and be a little proud.


this is a nice one (:



boundless, infinite love to you, my beautiful readers xo


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8 thoughts on “button poetry”

  1. Heya! I watch Button Poetry all the time ’cause I’m really into spoken word. I love it! I’m actually going to perform it at a theatre in a couple of weeks. Do you write it?


      1. Yes, it always makes you think! Thanks! I’m very excited. You definitely should try writing/performing spoken word. It’s amazing. It takes poetry to another level, almost.


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