the lowdown on coconut oil: all natural and actually properly GOOD FOR YOU.


Surprise: It’s not just for eating.

Health? check.

Cosmetics? Damn right!

Supplement? No kidding!

Healing? yup!


Coconut oil actually does it all. I am a huge fan.

We always have coconut oil in the house. ALWAYS.

It’s literally the solution to everything, the magic cure, and you can buy it at your local supermarket, or Aldi, for about six bucks, which is, and don’t give me the jazz hands girl, worth it.

You’re welcome!

So, this is basically just a coconut oil life hack post. Enjoy.


Cosmetic use: make up remover. Gentle on soft facial skin (!!) yay. Helps acne. Helps prevent it? why? you tell me. haha, no just kidding. This oil is antibacterial, and doesn’t clog pores like many other types. Dull, dry, dead hair? short eyelashes? patchy eyebrows? BRING IT ON OUT FOLKS. RESTORES SOFTNESS, SHINE, HEALTH, AND PROMOTES GROWTH 😊


Health use: Antibacterial.. but you already know that. Helps reduce dry skin and inflammation, and can fight bacterial infections. You can even use it to brush your teeth! I’ve tried it. It also helps diseases, like dementia, and can fix low or high blood pressure.

Supplement use: Eating a spoonful, or four, of coconut oil assists with weight loss, improves digestion, improves memory and concentration, naturally whitens teeth and many other lovely benefits.


So, what are you waiting for? Dig in!

I know I will..


Take note: I won’t be posting this Friday as it’s Good Friday, a public holiday. However, I will be posting again next Monday!


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