thanking our bodies- affirmations


hello lovelies!

Today, I’ve basically made it my job to help you with your care goals and myself also, because we can all do with a reminder every so often.

our bodies have been our homes since birth- our only homes. We’re always trying to find home within belongings, or people, but really, there is nothing in those things. That does not mean people aren’t great, that it isn’t good to have nice things. It simply means: there are NO roots more intimate than the roots of a mind and body that have united.

100% real talk there.

So, I’m back with some more affirmations/truths, I suppose, or in the very least, reasons why our bodies are pretty darn awesome.


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+ your constant functioning is miraculous, and never ceases to amaze me.

+ I promise to love you, even when you do things I don’t like, or don’t understand.

+ you know what is best for me, and I love how you’ll fight for that, even if it means battling me.

+ you keep me in perfect health majority of the time, but sometimes you get sick. I will care for you, and we will fight this together.

+ thank you for a lifetime of laughing, chatting, breathing, talking, movement, feels, thoughts and much more. You’ve taught me the meaning of unconditional.

+ thank you for the way you allow me to experience joy, and heal both of us in the process.

+ thank you for renewal and second chances.

+ thank you for pushing me beyond my comfort zones, and forever being present as I open myself up to the flow of good.

+ thank you for all the times we’ve been to the beach, feeling the sand between our feet and fingers, or felt the salt water in the air.

+ thank you for the time we climbed a mountain. You knew that my reasons for doing so weren’t the purest, and I nearly gave up half way, but I didn’t. You told me to keep going, and I changed my intentions. Thank you for the guidance.

+ thank you for giving me a beautiful mind and soul. I am truly proud of myself.

+ i love you.


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we should align with the energy of gratitude when dealing with our health.

the most powerful approach to wellness includes an acknowledgement of our responsibility as well as an opening up to possibility. – martina




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