a plant tour from your favourite plant mum + 1




Today’s post is a little different from usual- today, I’ll be taking you on a plant tour, along with my good friend Molly.

I’m super excited aha, although, I will be doing a lot of talking.. sadly, I could only take one picture- the others didn’t turn out so well!

And finally, here are some sneak peeks from her upcoming post before we get into mine!





I’m a complete cactus lover, which is why I’ve got five.

Two of them used to belong to my brother- one big green cactus covered in confetti- courtesy of me- and a cute little red cactus. They aren’t quite as healthy as the ones that were mine from the start.. or at least, I don’t think they are! Oh, and I’ve also got a tiny one (:

I’m also a big fan of cute pots and little dishes for my plants. I’m currently ordering a few cute ones from etsy, and I’ve got some trinket dishes from my last birthday. I explored a really cute store in the blue mountains and got a dream catcher key chain and two tiny dishes, one of which sits under my smallest cactus. These gold pots were pretty cheap purchases from IKEA, one of my favourite stores. All their products are amazing quality, affordable, minimalistic, and plain gorgeous.

The two plants pictured above are also from IKEA, a succulent and leafy plant. Up until recently, I had no idea how to maintain these sort of plants.. they need a careful balance of elements. As it turns out, they needed the sun as much as I do. Lesson learnt. Just yesterday, if you’ve been on my Instagram story lately, you’ll know that my plants and I spent the morning outside!

They’re still very new so pretty small, but it’s okay. All in good time. The colours of the plant on the right have changed a little from when I first bought it, which is interesting. It was more purpley before!

The pink pot holding the leafy plant is from IKEA, and the pot on the right is handmade, a purchase from etsy. Lately I’ve really been into supporting small businesses and people who make homemade crafts. It’s amazing!

Finally, I’ve got two bigger plants also in IKEA pots!

They’re both new, bought only the other day. One has pink and green speckly leaves and the other has tiny purple and yellow flowers. I used to have another plant that closely resembled the pink and green one, but It died. My new one looks much healthier and the leaves are even prettier than I remember them being.

I got both plants from bunnings, which have a great outdoor and fair indoor range. Both plants are sun plants, so I’ve made it my job to ensure they get enough light. My room isn’t very dark during the day, so that puts me at an advantage.

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