welcome to society- a poetry piece


hello lovelies!


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ridicule me,

ridicule me not,

ridicule me, ridicule me not.

welcome to society,

where what you see isn’t what you get,

come along for the ride of your life,

you may just find yourself in a strife,

watch them judge you as you walk by,

your non-existent confidence waning,

you watch their mouths turn into rigid lines,

and then they speak,

loud voices,

loud voices that seem so out of touch with their owners,

perfect people with rose tinted glasses on,

they choose what they see,

but do they really?

An oppressed society they are,

hiding the depressed behind locked doors,

passing laws that forbid; society’s pride is of utmost importance,

you can never be too skinny, but you can always be too fat

you can never be perfect, but you always should be

so society is a lie, you see,

hand fed you are, hungrily devouring societies’ appealing fibs.

you never knew any better, a young innocent mind,

sculpted so carefully into what you are today,

what you see isn’t always what you get.















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