lush life- my skincare/ makeup / hygiene prods + fun things



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hello lovelies!

Today I wanted to share with you my complete lush collection- I have a few cosmetic items, a few skincare items, and some little self care products. I’ll just be sharing a little bit about each product under the following categories, as well as how much I liked them.


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Eyes Right mascara: While this is on the more expensive side, as with, well, all Lush items, this mascara is cruelty free, which I believe is worth paying a little more for. When I started transitioning into vegetarianism a couple of months ago, I also made an effort to stop buying products that support animal cruelty.

This does the job perfectly well, and I find that it also comes off easier than other mascaras. It isn’t very clumpy and does a fair job of lengthening my lashes. Win win!

Dark Pink concealer: Hmm.. this one. I find that it doesn’t always work with my skin tone on some days, but it goes fine on others? I’m still trying to work that one out! But overall, when I don’t over do it, this concealer is amazing for hiding pesky spots and adding a little bit of colour.

Rose Lollipop lip balm: Two words- absolutely wonderful. This lip balm isn’t smelly, sticky or clumpy, none of that. It smells wonderful, and does a great job of moisturising your lips even when applied liberally.

Sugar plum fairy lip scrub: It’s been a little cold lately, which means that my skin and lips can get pretty dry, which isn’t fun at all. When I want a really smooth application of lip gloss, lip balm or lipstick, I use this scrub. It’s great even for a healthy pout!

Grease Lightning spot treatment: While I’ve been blessed with good skin, every so often, I get spots, and for those days, I use this non sticky gel to soothe the skin, tone down redness, and make them go away.

The birth of Venus jelly face mask: I haven’t used this mask much yet, but it’s very soothing, and seemed to do my complexion good. My skin felt very fresh afterwards. This is definitely one of my favourite products.

 Deodorant powder: This isn’t the best deodorant, I guess. I have to reapply it more often than I’d like to, but it smells good and does an okay job most days.

Bling toothy tabs: I love these! They’re basically little tabs of goodness for your teeth. Much better than regular toothpaste. I use them for special days, and occasionally when I can’t be bothered to brush the regular way- haha! Very luxurious.

Assorted bath bombs: Ooh, how much we all love them! These are my current stash in assorted calming fragrances and pretty colours- lots of pink though!

Snow Fairy: I’m not quite sure what this is, but it’s great when you need something to do, or just to let out some stress. We’ve had fidget spinners and stress balls, and now, well, this- hehe! I’ve heard that it can also be used in the tub, but I figured I’d rather just play around with it. Mine comes in three colours: Pink, a sparkly white, and gold.





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