+ what I eat in a day

aloha lovelies x

today I’m bringing you a foodie sort of post because it’s like a, I don’t know, a universally loved thing. We all love food. So naturally you’re really going to want to know what I ate today!


whoop whoop.

I sort of wish I’d gone out for pancakes today so I’d have something fun to show you for breakfast, but that’s alright. Knowing me, if it looks good enough, it’ll end up on my instagram instead, haha.




your girl pretty much never eats breakfast, to be honest.

I just get too lazy.. although I suppose I do sometimes. i’m obsessed with avo and fetta on toast, and sometimes I have scones from bakers delight. never any basic things like cereal or plain toast though.

but I actually really liked this nutty, flakey, clustery cereal.

the strawberries turned out to be a good touch too.


We blame-6

morning tea:

this was probably my favourite thing from today. such a yummy morning tea idea. this tea is very light, not too sweet, quite warming. perfect for today’s cold, rainy day. my grandma was over too, so we sat down and had a cup each. she had a biscuit with hers too.




 lunch / dinner:

from here onwards, I’m afraid it turned into a bit of a junk food day. my mum went out to a few dance classes so it was just me and my grandma. we’d only had breakfast and morning tea. we waited until my grandpa, mum and brother got back, and then went to rashays for a very late lunch and dinner.

when I go there, I usually get fettuccine but this time I got a Margherita pizza instead with some cheesy garlic bread and coke. I didn’t eat a lot, but I’m still full 😅

verdict: i ate very unhealthily today, but that’s okay sometimes.







usually I drink a lot of water. I mean a lot. apparently you’re meant to have eight cups a day, or two litres, but I double that. so yes, lots of water, some coke, and some tea xx


did you guys enjoy this post/ would you like to see more in the future?

for any requests, kind words, things you’ve been dying to say, drop me a comment! remember: i love you all so much xo

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