mrs potato head: an ode to self love and plastic surgery



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Hello lovelies!


While there’s plenty of self love songs out there, this particular one struck a cord with me because of it’s universal message and unique portrayal. Made by the queen of visuals herself, Melanie Martinez, Mrs Potato Head is no disappointment. Haunting, bizarre, yet captivating visuals? you got it.

The video itself is riddled with symbolism- let’s just say that even getting to this point in the post took a very long while. There are so many important themes to explore, so I’m going to do a bit of a lyric breakdown/ analysis sort of thing 🙂

I guess this topic is quite close to me because I struggle with loving the way I look. I’ve even considered getting a nose job in the past as a way to try and get rid of the little bump on my nose! Most of these days now, I don’t even really notice it much. It’s just another part of me.

I’ll also be including the video below- It’s quite a good watch, very eye opening, but there are some graphic scenes. Remember to practice self love xx


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Before we start..

This video is about Crybaby, Melanie’s main character in her music videos. She’s watching an advertisement for diet pills, and products that are supposed to help her find her ‘perfect woman look’.

When she changes the TV channel, she stumbles across the story of Mr and Mrs Potato Head, a married couple who love and are, supposedly, happy with each other. Mrs Potato Head is quite beautiful, and obviously adored by her husband, who showers her with gifts. However, when he presents her with a card for a face lift, she is visibly unsure, but goes ahead with the procedure to please him. when it goes wrong, he leaves her for another woman.


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verse number one:

If you weren’t born with it, you can buy a couple ornaments

Just be sure to read the warning kids

cause pretty soon you’ll bored of it, haha.

sexual, hey girl

if you wanna feel sexual,

you can always call up a professional,

they stick pins in you, like a vegetable, haha.


In this day and age, beauty standards are becoming increasingly demanding and ridiculous. We buy ourselves ornaments, like makeup. Things we can put on and take off easily. But big changes, like plastic surgery, aren’t reversible. Often, people who go through altering procedures are left with lots of regrets, and nothing they can do. The trends are always changing, so nobody is ever satisfied!

Plastic surgery is meant to change you to make you more conventionally attractive and feminine, highlighting parts commonly associated with sexuality.

Pins refer to the various tools used in plastic surgery, like needles for botox. Vegetable doubles on a play of ‘Mrs Potato Head’ as well as someone who follows the crowd and lacks individuality and thought. Someone who has been brainwashed by society to the point that they conform without a second thought.

In this particular scene in the video, Mrs Potato Head is seen accepting a present from her husband, Mr Potato Head- a facelift booked for October the 31st, which is Halloween- a day where you’re encouraged to dress up as someone you’re not.



Kids forever, kids forever,

baby soft skin turns into leather

Don’t be dramatic,

It’s only some plastic

No one will love you if you’re unattractive.


Plastic surgery is designed to make you look younger, however in some ways it does the opposite. Your skin takes on a leathery texture and you’ve lost a lot of your innocence. You’ve allowed it to be taken away. Kids are growing up too fast these days, and in a world with lots of confusion and bad messages being spread. We’re told to grow a tough skin and not let things bother us, but there are so many things that hurt. The last line is society’s truth, but it doesn’t have to be yours.



Oh Mrs Potato Head, tell me

Is it true that pain is beauty?

Does a new face come with a warranty,

Will a pretty face make it better?

Oh Mr Potato Head, How did you afford her surgery?

Do you swear you’ll stay forever, even if her face don’t stay together?



Melanie Martinez’ inspiration for Mrs Potato Head came from a day she spent in Los Angeles, where she noticed that people had a lot of ‘plastic things’- this prompted her to take notes on her phone until she wrote the song in its’ entirety. She wondered whether the people who chose surgery were happy with their decision. Did they think that pain meant beauty? Did they realise they couldn’t go back and change their minds?

Plastic surgery is a billion dollar industry. Going through with a procedure means losing a lot, and not just in dollars. The main character, Mrs Potato Head, only got surgery to please her husband, who ended up leaving her when he didn’t like what he saw afterwards. The truth is that many of us would be a lot happier with how we looked if there weren’t seemingly better comparisons being shoved in our faces. It’s caused our society to become rather shallow and looks focused.

The main characters, Mr and Mrs Potato Head, are named after the famous children’s toy- the potato with removable features designed to be easily put on and taken off.

People who have lots of surgeries may also find their face deteriorating.


verse two:

If you want a little more confidence,Potatoes turn to French fries, yeah, it’s common senseAll you need’s a couple more condimentsa hundred thousand dollars for some compliments, hahaIt’s such a wasteWhen little girls grow into their mother’s faceBut little girls are learning how to cut and paste


Society’s cynical view is that surgery is a good way to gain confidence in your appearance. The next three lines refer to the way that potatoes, in their raw form, are natural, misshapen, and all slightly different. Not very desirable, but when they undergo the process of being turned into a French fry- skinned, cut up and cooked. French fries are simply a cut out version of potatoes, but we like them so much better. It’s just like plastic surgery- getting rid of the parts you don’t like and coming out looking different.. not necessarily better.

Melanie is trying to say that she is sad to see girls growing up and starting to look like their mothers, but not being able to recognise their own beauty. This is also a major Kylie Jenner reference!


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8 thoughts on “mrs potato head: an ode to self love and plastic surgery

  1. This is a great post! I’ve struggled with self confidence issues A LOT and there have been times that I told myself that I could just get plastic surgery! I’ve realised that when you have low self esteem and you believe you’re ugly, you see an altered version of yourself. I used to hate my nose so much but now that I’m over it and don’t care, I actually like my nose. I think plastic surgery is okay. If you have the money and you’ve thought about it, you can do what you want because it’s your body and your life but I don’t think anyone should enforce it on other people, especially younger girls.


    1. I really like what you said there Shay, about having an altered view due to your own false beliefs- that’s very true for a lot of us, I think! Thank you so much lovely, and I’m glad you’ve found a way through how you were feeling about your nose and are now happier with it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, I’ve noticed it in other people as well who are insecure because what they think is “ugly” really isn’t. And thank you!


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