a day away in watson’s bay



not too long ago, I slept over at my aunty’s place. We spent a cold Wednesday night watching too much tv until the wee hours of the night when I crept into bed to squeeze in a little shut eye. It felt like the harsh morning sun came too early, but along with it a promise of a new day

my hair seemed to have taken on a life of its own having been tightly French braided and then let loose. Soft crimped waves of brown and dirty blonde, wispy bits framing my face

stripy dresses and crystal necklaces; a soft grey cardigan for the cold weather

we drove and drove and drove past houses and homes, never looking back because the only direction we were going was forward

Past bright sunflower murals and expensive schools, long expanses of bridge and bodies of water

hands on steering wheels and hands out windows, loud laughter and the promise of adventure

on our first stop, a pelican let me take his picture

I laughed, jumped around a bit, blinked slowly, a little wildly

and then to fish and chips with a great view

small beach towns on a thursday afternoon

they’re surprisingly busy

and the car ride away, only to stop a few minutes later

Walls covered with moss and bright purple flowers that just begged to be picked

crossing the road, holding hands, her pulling on my fingers as she runs

big cliff faces and the ocean in more shades of blue than my eyes know how to see

tourists, us included

snapshots to capture the things we didn’t want to forget

pastel yellow buildings and flowers- more!

she got ice cream and I tried açai for the first time

and then we left, two wandering souls with their adventuring quotas filled up for that day

back to the familiar

the comfortable

the no less beautiful

new blog sign off

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